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Sport and health week 

We have had a fantastic week and really enjoyed our sports day in Alsop sports hall. 

This week we have learnt how to look after our teeth, how to wash our hands and kill off germs using glitter, how to manage our feelings using the film Inside Out and how to eat and stay healthy. We have also had team building activities and yoga sessions as well as running around our school yard everyday! The children want to continue running next week too! 

We also designed, made and sold our own smoothies with 4GD and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. 


We have been reading "Aliens love underpants" and designing and making our own class aliens. The children have worked really hard at home to create thier own aliens. They are fabulous! 



Welcome back 

This is our last half term in Year 1 as we are getting ready to move into Year 2.


We have lots of work to do in the next few weeks but today has been an exciting day. 

An alien has crash landed in our school garden and he is lost somewhere in our school. It is down to us to find him and make sure he is sent back home. While he is on Earth he is going to be learning about our planet.

We helped him find 13 jewels that he had lost and have written a letter back to him. 


Half Term

We are now closed until Wednesday 8th June.

Have a great time and keep practising your phonics sounds and words!

Week 6

We had 4 new members of our class this week;

Rosie, Tommy, Beauty and Butty!

They are our butterflies!

We have set them free into our school garden to find a new home.

We have also been writing about the life cycle of a butterfly and how our caterpillars grew into beautiful butterflies.


In maths we have been reading the time on the clock to o'clock and half past the hour.

We made leaflets in science focusing on how to look after a plant.



Today we have a new member of our class----- our new butterfly!

We have put some apple and water in the bottom of the butterfly garden.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Caterpillars  1
Caterpillars  2
Caterpillars  3
Caterpillars  4

Week 4

What an exciting week....

In Maths we have been learning about capacity and made our own invisibility potion!!! We measured out 3 different liquids using a measuring cylinder. Mrs BM made the children disappear!

We have been reading a lot of ALIEN words this week in our phonics lessons!

Our caterpillars are now in their cocoon and will be put into the butterfly garden very soon.


Keep checking our class page for an update on our butterflies!

Week 3

Although this has only been a short week we have still managed to do a lot of work! On Thursday we had an exciting day in Stanley Park. We looked at all the different types of trees, collected leaves, smelt the flowers and even had time for a play in the play area. Back in school the children produced a bar chart using their information about how many of each tree we saw.

We also have some new visitors in our class - Caterpillars!! They are growing really big now and hopefully they will be in their butterfly garden soon.

Week 2

This week we have introduced the children to The Beatles and listened to their music compared to One Direction.

We have also looked at different plants and trees and the children have been able to label the parts of a plant.

In English we have all written our own poem based on a nursery rhyme and in Maths we have been measuring in length using cubes, hand spans, rulers and metre sticks.

Parent Letter Summer 1

Week 1

This week we have started learning about poetry and have been reading different rhyming poems and stories.

In maths we are recapping fractions and focusing on word problems.

This week we have also had a few circle time sessions thinking about people who are important to them.

Welcome Back!

Summer term has now started and we have lots of exciting work to do for the last few weeks in year 1.

There will be a big focus on phonics and reading this half term and we will be asking children to read as much as possible at home.

Week 6

What a week......

We watched a fantastic performance of "The Wizard of OZ" on Wednesday afternoon. It was very funny although the witch had a scary laugh!

We have made some African necklaces in DT, animal houses in science and ended the week with a buddy session with 5CL.


Have a lovely and relaxing 2 week "Spring break" and see you on Monday 18th April.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Have a lovely Easter weekend and see you all on Tuesday.

Week 5

We had a lovely Easter service in church with the Year 5 children leading it. We have also made Easter baskets and cards for our families. We have learnt a lot about the Easter story and looked at a variety of images. The children asked a lot of questions about Jesus and why things had happened!

We have been focusing on our handwriting this week and making sure our letters sit on the line.

In maths we have started learning about fractions and the children have learnt how to identify 1/2 and 1/4 of shapes.



Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 4

Mrs Buffel-Morland has been away with year 3/4 this week so the children have been working hard with Miss Watts. 

They have been writing their own version of Handa's Surprise story and carried on learning about division but this time how we can work it out on a number line! 

In learning challenge they looked at the north and South Pole and learnt about the equator! 



Week 3

This week we have been learning about division and how to share and group objects in 2/5/10. It was really hard but we got to use sweets! 

In learning challenge we looked at the weather around the world and how it can change. We designed some clothes for a meerkat to wear as he travels around the world! 

We also had a gymnastics lesson in the main hall and learnt 11 shapes. 

Week 2

What a wonderful week! We had an exciting visit to Chester zoo on Thursday and got to see some meerkats! It was cold and wet but we loved every minute of it! On Friday we wrote a recount of our visit using past tense words.

We have also been problem solvers this week in maths as we had to solve difficult multiplication problems.


Week 1

It has been a busy week introducing lots of new topics.

In English we have been reading Handa's surprise and tasted lots of different fruits.

In Maths we have been learning about repeated addition and arrays in multiplication.

We have started looking at meerkats and we read Meerkat Mail. We then produced our own post card linked to Meerkat Mail.

We also had a lovely visit to our nursery to see the baby chicks that they have and are looking after.  

Welcome back to Spring Term 2

Our Learning Challenge question is "Why cant meerkats live in the north pole?" We are investigating where they live, what they look like and what other animals might live in the north pole.

In science we are learning how to look after our pets and we will make a pet house!


E Safety

This week was safer internet day and we had a great lesson about how to keep ourselves safe on the internet. Use the link bellow to look for some more ideas.

Remember - Before you click, click, click, You must think, think, think and TELL SOMEONE.

Week 6

We have had an exciting week for end our half term. We have been to the Museum of Liverpool and had a good look at lots of old and new toys. We even got to have a play with them but we had to be very careful as lots of the toys are delicate.

In science we carried out an investigation to see which material and equipment would be the strongest as Rapunzel's tower.

In English we have written our own version of Rapunzel and in Maths we have been learning about doubling and halving numbers. 

We have loved learning about things that happened in the past and how toys are made.

Roll on next half term as we will be learning about Meerkats and going to visit them in Chester Zoo.

Week 5

Roly Poly's

This week we have designed, produced and evaluated a moving toy called a Roly Poly. We investigated how to make a moving toy using super-scructs equipment before designing our own.

In English we have been focusing on Rapunzel and starting to write our own version of the story. We have also been working in the computer room to record the story of Rapunzel using PowerPoint.


Week 4

What a week!

In English we have started to learn about Fairy Tales and have focused on Rapunzel and Snow White. We have read both stories, sequenced the pictures and had a go at writing parts of Snow White.

In Maths we have had a tricky task this week as we have been learning about multiplication. We have started counting in 2's, 5's and 10's using lots of practical equipment.

Science was very exciting as we carried out an experiment to test different materials.

1DBM also went to the computer room and had a go at designing Rapunzel's tower using tux paint.  

I have handed out lots of "Being kind" friendship tokens this week too! Keep up the hard work!

Week 3

This week we have published our instructions for making a cheese and ham wrap and they are now on our writing gallery in class. 

In maths we worked on addition and subtraction calculations using different units of measure! 

In science we looked at lots of different materials and learnt what their properties are as we are looking for the best material to make Rapunzel's tower!

This week we watched a video about Alexander Graham Bell and how he invented the telephone! We then put various pictures of telephones into chronological order and discussed what telephones are like now in 2016!! 


Don't forget to check out the Kids' zone page! You can play lots of games on the internet

Week 2

What a busy week......


This week we have started a new unit for English - Instructions. Children have been following instructions all week and today they made a cheese and ham wrap following a recipe. They looked delicious!

We have also investigated different materials and looked their properties in our science lesson.

Our Christian Value this half term is courage so the children have been thinking about things they might be scared of but feel brave to have a go.

Maths has been tricky this week as we have been practising our subtraction skills using a number line and working out word problems.

Spring One Parent Letter

Week 1

This week we have introduced the children to our new Learning Challenge "What has changed since my Grandparents were young?" We have looked at a few old toys using video clips and had a think about what our grandparents would have put on their Christmas list.

We have also had a dance lesson this week with a dance specialist and the children will be learning Bollywood dancing during the rest of the half term.

Our science topic is about materials and what Rapunzel's tower is made from. We have been on a materials hunt around our school and found wood, metal, glass, plastic and rubber.


Welcome back and happy new year!  I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holidays and Father Christmas came to visit you!


We have lots of exciting work to do this half term linked to toys and materials. We will also be visiting the Museum of Liverpool and making our own toys.


Keep checking our class page for photographs and videos of our hard work.


PE - Children need their kits in school on a Monday and Wednesday.

Water bottles - children can bring in their own water bottle to leave in the classroom and fill it up with water.

KS1 Fairytale Land Nativity

KS1 Fairytale Land Nativity 1

Stories by the same author.

Julia Donaldson

We have been studying Julia Donaldson and looking at lots of books that she has written. The children have loved "Room on the Broom" and "The Gruffalo". They have recognised that most of her books rhyme. We have also been doing some drama to act out "Room on the Broom" and they have written the story in their books.

Art - Painting

As part of our Learning Challenge question "WHAT IS THE WEATHER LIKE IN THE UK?" we decided to paint some pictures using our feelings about the weather. Some children wanted to make hot colours and some wanted to make cold colours. We mixed primary colours to make secondary colours.


Year 1 have been learning how to perform balances using different body parts. Some children could balance on their own and some tried to balance with a partner.  

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


In our English lessons, we have been learning about recounts. We decided to go to Tesco and buy some biscuits for the children. The children have used time connectives to order photographs and write their own recount of our visit to Tesco.

Keep checking our class page for copies of their work.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Traffic Survey

Last week we carried out a traffic survey outside Tesco on County Road. Using our results, we produced a bar chart to see which vehicle was the most popular.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Mini Bus

Last week we went on our school mini bus and went on a short journey around the local area. The children followed a map and found Goodison Park, County Road and Tesco.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Year 1 Curriculum overview 2015-2016

Information Letter Autumn One

Introducing 1DBM...

Today our class had their first PE lesson with Mr Goodall.


Picture 1

Welcome to 1DBM

Hello and welcome to our class page. We have all settled in really well and have been working hard already!

Keep checking our class page for photographs and work that we have been doing.

This half term we will be learning about tigers in science and reading a story called Naughty Bus for our learning challenge curriculum.

We will send a letter home next week with information about PE and reading books.