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We have had a nice relaxing week and introduced children to sewing! Everyone made their own puppet and learnt how to do a runner stitch to sew the two sides together. They all sat quietly and calmly and enjoyed making their puppets. there will be more photographs to follow of the finished product! For now here are a few of the children whilst making them.

Art and Design

Art and Design 1
Art and Design 2
Art and Design 3
Art and Design 4
Art and Design 5
Art and Design 6
Art and Design 7
Art and Design 8



1DBM had a great time at awesome walls. They all conquered their fears and some children even climbed all the way to the very top!!


This week have had an artist in our school and she has been making beautiful butterflies with some children from our class. The rest of the class have been studying plants and having a go at drawing them.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Welcome back for Summer Term in Year 1. You should have received a copy of our new timetable for this half-term - if not there is a copy below.

We have lots of exciting learning planned!



Today we discovered an alien had landed in our school garden. We went to investigate and found lots clues in the playground. |We found pieces of rock and a letter from an alien called Orson.

We have written some questions we would like to ask the alien and will be studying how an alien could live on planet Earth.

Liverpool Museum


On Tuesday 24th March we went to the Liverpool Museum. We had a tour of old and new vehicles and had a sit on an old train. We also had a look at some old and new toys and had a workshop about toys focusing on the materials linked to science. The children had a great time but they were very tired as they had climbed a lot of stairs!

Liverpool Museum

Liverpool Museum  1
Liverpool Museum  2
Liverpool Museum  3
Liverpool Museum  4
Liverpool Museum  5
Liverpool Museum  6
Liverpool Museum  7
Liverpool Museum  8
Liverpool Museum  9
Liverpool Museum  10
Liverpool Museum  11
We have had an exciting week making and decorating cakes! Unfortunately we didn't win but we all got a little prize at the end of the day!

Bake-off Week!

Bake-off Week! 1
Bake-off Week! 2
Bake-off Week! 3
Bake-off Week! 4
Bake-off Week! 5
Bake-off Week! 6
Bake-off Week! 7
Bake-off Week! 8
Bake-off Week! 9
Bake-off Week! 10
Bake-off Week! 11
Bake-off Week! 12
Bake-off Week! 13
Bake-off Week! 14
Bake-off Week! 15
We had a wonderful afternoon dressing up as our favourite fairy tale or traditional tale characters. Children enjoyed their ball as they had some cake and learnt how to dance with a partner!

Fairy and Traditional tales dress up day!

Fairy and Traditional tales dress up day! 1
Fairy and Traditional tales dress up day! 2
Fairy and Traditional tales dress up day! 3
Fairy and Traditional tales dress up day! 4


Gymnastics  1 We are learning how to balance with our body.
Gymnastics  2 We are learning how to balance with our body.
Gymnastics  3 We are learning how to balance with our body.
Gymnastics  4 We are learning how to balance with our body.

Naughty Bus

Still image for this video
The children have made video clips of the Naughty Bus and where it has been.

Naughty Bus

Naughty Bus 1
Naughty Bus 2
Naughty Bus 3
Naughty Bus 4

Spring Term 1

Our new learning challenge curriculum question is;

"Why do, and did, the wheels on the bus go?"

We will be learning about different vehicles looking at past and present along with reading maps of the UK and carrying out a traffic survey.


We have also read the book "Naughty Bus" and we have been taking our own bus on a journey each week. At the end of the unit we will be producing our own PowerPoint presentation for the Naughty Bus and its journey around our school.

Keep looking on the website for photographs and videos of the naughty bus.





We had a great time performing our Nativity on Friday. Thank you for coming to watch us. Here are some photographs before the show! 


Nativity  1
Nativity  2
Nativity  3
Nativity  4
Nativity  5

Children in Need

Children in Need 1
Children in Need 2

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo  1
Chester Zoo  2
Chester Zoo  3
Chester Zoo  4
Chester Zoo  5
Chester Zoo  6
Chester Zoo  7
Chester Zoo  8
Chester Zoo  9
Chester Zoo  10

Chester Zoo


We are going to Chester Zoo on Tuesday 21st October.

Children will need to wear their school uniform along with comfortable shoes and a waterproof coat. 

We will take lots of photographs and put them onto the website. 

Tiger Display

Tiger Display 1
Tiger Display 2
Tiger Display 3
Tiger Display 4

Hello and welcome to 1DBM.

We have started off the year really well and have already done lots of work!

Could we ask that children read their books at home as much as they can and talk about their stories. 


We are going to Chester Zoo on Tuesday 21st October to see the tigers as our topic has been about tigers and humans.