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Year 2 had a special visitor in school last week - The fun food chef, and the children certainly did have plenty of fun. They made a range of Greek food whilst learning about how to cook and prepare healthy meals. The best bit was the children (and adults) were able to taste all of the tasty dishes! We made Greek pita bread, hummus chickpea dip, meatballs, tomato and feta salad, tzatziki yoghurt dip and orange and berry smoothie!

One member of 2LS declared " This is the best day ever!" which was fantastic to hear! 

Fun Food Chef

Fun Food Chef 1 Making dough for our pitta bread.
Fun Food Chef 2
Fun Food Chef 3 Making meatballs is messy work!
Fun Food Chef 4
Fun Food Chef 5 Tasting time!
Fun Food Chef 6 Delicious!!
Fun Food Chef 7

Welcome back!

It is now the Summer term and we are all back refreshed and ready to go after the Easter break.

Some of the children will be experiencing even more adventures too as a group of Year 2 children have gone to Colomendy for a few days! Hopefully the weather will stay nice and they will have a great time! 


Our parent letters have been sent out, but just in case you haven't received it, please find it attached below. It tells you our Learning Challenge themes for this term as well as a few reminders. 

We have been looking at explanation texts about fossils, so we thought it would be a good idea to make a fossil of our own. 


The children followed a flow chart to make a fossil then wrote their own explanation text using time connectives, diagrams, labels and captions to help other children make one too! 


Can you explain to your parents/ guardians/ friends how we made the fossils?

Making fossils

Making fossils 1
Making fossils 2
Making fossils 3
Making fossils 4
Making fossils 5

We've made a great start to the spring term and have been finding our Learning Challenge theme about Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus very interesting. 


Here are some facts for you all ...


Niña (Spanish for 'girl') was the nickname of the smallest ship. Its real name was Santa Clara.


The little Niña made three voyages to America.


Columbus's biggest ship, the Santa Maria, was less than 23m long.


Before explorers brought these plants from America, no-one in Europe had eaten a tomato or a potato.


Do you know which ship Christopher Columbus sailed on?

Was it the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria? 

Bug Club

A great collection of free eBooks for you to read at home. You can read the books yourself, let the device you are using read to you and complete a quiz about the book. You don't just have to look at the Year 2 books. You can look at any from the different year groups. Let us know if you like them!

Oxford Owl

Here's a great website with access to 250 free ebooks that can be used on tablets and PCs. It's a simple registration (just email, password and your name) and well worth the time it takes! Children can read the books themselves or have them read to them by the device. There are some information texts to read too!

Well, we are now at the end of another busy term! The children have been working so hard and have settled well into year 2! Our Learning challenge theme this half term was the Titanic and the children have had lots of fun learning about it, our favourite part was our PE lessons when we learned to ballroom dance and when we made a super model of the Titanic using cardboard boxes and lots of paint! 


Our Learning challenge question after Christmas will be- Why were Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong very brave people? 

Titanic model

Titanic model 1
Picture 1

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing 1
Ballroom Dancing 2

Traction Man

We have been reading Traction Man in school and investigating stories with familiar settings. Everyone has had a go at writing a new beach adventure for Traction Man.

See if you can retell your story at home children!

Look who's on our Incredible wall this week! Millie, Jack S, Ethan, Maizie and Kieran have been working extra hard with their English, Maths and handwriting! I wonder who will be on it next?

Our Incredible Wall!

Our Incredible Wall! 1