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Science electricity

Science electricity 1

Welcome back to 4 PD , this is going to be another super term.

Here is some information for the term .

We will be having PE on Tuesday mornings with coach and then Friday afternoon with the teacher. So please remember to bring in your kit , black shorts , black slip on pumps, and a blue polo shirt.

Our Learning challenge theme for this term is all about the Anglo Saxons. So more interesting facts about the past to learn. Do visit your library and see what interesting books you can find.

We are busy preparing for our yearly Art Festival in church this week . The children are looking at Claude Monet and Spring flowers. All the children's efforts will be displayed very soon. 

Please do encourage your children to compete their homework. If they have forgotten what to do please send it back in with your child and we will look at it during playtime. This is such an important part of your child's education , we are always here to support and help in anyway we can .





We have just finished a term of learning cricket skills . Excellent games .

We have just finished a term of learning cricket skills . Excellent games . 1
Picture 1

A successful production

A successful production  1
A successful production  2
A successful production  3

Here we are , celebrating our successful production of Christmas around the World. Well done 4PD . 



Picture 1

Hands up who likes Fractions ? 

Well after having practical activities with the fraction tiles the children feel a lot better about them . Here they are having fun . Well done everybody . 😉


Equivalent fractions

Equivalent fractions  1
Equivalent fractions  2
Equivalent fractions  3
Equivalent fractions  4
Equivalent fractions  5
Equivalent fractions  6
Equivalent fractions  7
Equivalent fractions  8

The children had dance classes , and everyone enjoyed the sessions . It was hard work but the children went through their paces . THAT was just the warm ups !     I think secretly the boys thought it was quite cool,as well. Everyone did a great job improvising. Well done 4PD your simply the best !




Dance part of our PE

Dance part of our PE 1
Dance part of our PE 2
Dance part of our PE 3
Dance part of our PE 4
Dance part of our PE 5
Dance part of our PE 6
Dance part of our PE 7
Dance part of our PE 8

Poetry in motion

Poetry in motion  1
Poetry in motion  2
Poetry in motion  3
Poetry in motion  4
Poetry in motion  5
Poetry in motion  6
Poetry in motion  7
Poetry in motion  8
Poetry in motion  9
Poetry in motion  10
Poetry in motion  11
Poetry in motion  12
The children have been looking at poetry and performing many different types of poems with their own sounds using musical instruments .  

Reading Revolutionaries

Reading Revolutionaries 1
We like to celebrate when your child has made a real effort in their work,  behaviour, supporting others and many other things. Well done. no 

Celebration Time

Celebration Time 1
Celebration Time 2

To all our  Parents , 

The children are working very hard in class and having fun as well ,as that is what learning should be all about.

We have our teaching assistant Mrs Boulger ,a valuable member of the class who supports us in our needs, from class support in English and Maths , to group Intervention sessions, besides many other activities.

May I take this opportunity to thank all parents for their support in any small requests we may require on occasions. Thank you frown

Hello 4PD 

I thought we could have a bit of fun learning our times tables . As you know you have to learn up to your 12 x 12 tables.

Having an activity to support your learning is much more fun . Here is a website for you to use.

Don't forget to keep practising !




Welcome to a new term and I hope everyone will be happy in our class.

Here are a few details about our week in the class. 

Tuesday morning PE 

Friday afternoon PE (Dance) 

Please can we make sure we always have our PE kit in school on those's days

Black pumps, black shorts , blue t-shirt.

They are cheap enough to purchase from any of the supermarkets. (Asda, Aldi etc)


Homework is given out on Tuesday to be returned on Friday for a spelling and times tables test. It would be helpful if mums, dads, nanny's, anyone in the family could help with the times tables as it is expected that the children now know all of them by the end of this year. 


Thank you to the parents for your support , please do not hesitate to speak to me over any concerns you may have about your child.

I always say 'I don't just have three children of my own I have 3 + the class.'

So that makes 26 this year.indecision


The children of 4PD have all settled into class really well. smiley

We are busy little bees and have a full term of exciting things to do. 

Our maths lessons are full of hands on activities as well as written work.  Keep looking as there are some pictures to follow.

In our Learning Challenge curriculum we will be researching about the Romans this term. We have received a visitor to open our topic. The children may bring in any resources they may have of their own,  for their peers to look at. 

We have begun to look at Mosaics in Art and  the type of patterns that were produced and how they still influence our lives today. 

More to follow.................

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6