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Throughout the year, we will be posting photos, video clips, web links and important information for you to view, on this page.


Year 5 Information Sheet

This year we will have P.E on Wednesday and Friday. Make sure that you have a complete P.E. kit, which should be labelled with your name.

Homework will always be given out on Monday and should be returned by Friday, when children will be tested on their spellings and times tables. On Friday, you will also receive a mental maths homework to be completed at the weekend. 

It is very important that you read your home reader each night.  Make sure that a parent, or adult, has signed to say that they have heard you read.


I have added a copy of the Autumn Term information letter below:


Autumn Term information letter

Visit to Liverpool Watersports Centre


As part of our Learning Challenge theme for this half term, Year 5 have been learning about why the River Mersey is so important to the people of Liverpool.


We visited Liverpool Watersports Centre to take part in rafted canoeing activities.  We paddled all the way from the Watersports Centre at the Queen's Dock to the Albert Dock and the Big Wheel to find out about the history of the River Mersey and the importance of the docks to our city both now and in the past.  You can see the route we took on the aerial-view photo map below.

Picture 1

Textile Cityscape

After our excellent time canoeing around the docks, we decided to look at the beautiful architecture that the waterfront has to offer.  Firstly we made our own sketches of some of the more famous buildings in our city:

We then looked at the work of a local textile artist, Tina Leahy, and how she had used fabrics and materials to create the Liverpool skyline.   We used her ideas to then create mood boards, choosing materials which we thought would best reflect the colours and lines of our chosen buildings:
Finally, we worked in groups to create our chosen building.  Once all of the buildings we finished, we assembled them to make our final waterfront skyline (even including the reflection in the River Mersey!)

Water savers or water wasters?


This term, as part of our science topic on the Water Cycle, we had a visitor from United Utilities come and speak to us about how we use water.

We took part in lots of activities but especially enjoyed finding out whether or not we were guilty of being 'Water Wasters'!

We have found out lots of different ways in which we can save water, for example:

  • Turning off the tap while brushing our teeth
  • Taking a shower rather than a bath
  • Using the short flush on our toilets

Christmas around the world

We have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Christmas performance, especially performing our song and dance about Hawaii.  We hope you enjoyed coming to watch us too!

Here are a few photos of us looking fabulous in our costumes:

Aloha from Hawaii, a land of sand and sea. If you lived in Hawaii, you would have to dance like me!

Spring Term


The Highwayman

This term we will reading and exploring The Highwayman, a narrative poem by Alfred Noyes.  If you would like to read the poem or watch the animation, then follow the links below.

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes Animated

5NB are out of this world!

This term, as part of our curriculum topic, we are investigating Space, including finding all about the Moon, Earth and Sun.

In Science, we predicted the position of the Sun, Earth and Moon in relation to each other by using different size sports balls.  Here are some photographs showing our predictions:

Moon Buggy Project

In Design and Technology, we have been working on a project in which we have designed our own Moon buggy.  We have thought about the materials which we might need and how they would behave on the Moon's dusty surface.

Firstly, we assembled our buggy, following the design we had already drawn.  Once the buggy was assembled, we then painted and decorated our Moon craft. 

Here are some pictures to show our finished vehicles. 


In Music, we have been listening to the composer Gustav Holst's most famous work, The Planets.  We have chosen our favourite piece of music and, using pastels, created a picture of our chosen planet.

Faye talking about why she enjoyed listening to Holst's 'Venus'.

Still image for this video

Lewis explaining why his favourite piece was also 'Venus'.

Still image for this video

Why did Phoebe choose 'Mars' as her favourite piece of music?

Still image for this video

Joseph has enjoyed listening to Holst's 'Mars'

Still image for this video

'Mars' was also the favourite piece of music for Billy.

Still image for this video

Amy chose her favourite planet too.

Still image for this video
If you would like to listen to an orchestra performing Holst's planets, then follow the link below:

North Liverpool Academy Sports

On Monday afternoon, we went to visit North Liverpool Academy to take part in trampolining and kin-ball.  We had lots of fun and really enjoyed taking part in these two new sports.  Below are some pictures showing the fun that we had...and yes, the kin-ball really is that big!



Well done to all of our Year 5 children, who have recently taken part in and passed the Bikeability course.  The children were taught, by trained instructors, how to ride safely on the local roads.  All agreed that they had an excellent time, improving their skills and growing in confidence.  Each child received a badge and certificate to recognise their new skills.  Here are a few photos to show their training:

Bake Off!

There has been the wonderful smell of baking in the air at Arnot St.Mary this week.  Each class has made a Victoria sponge cake and decorated them using a theme from World Book Day.  In class 5NB, we took our inspiration from Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the chocolate factory'.  Here are some pictures of us baking our cake:

Our finished cake

Terrible Tudors

Our Learning Challenge question, this half-term, is 'Were the Tudors really terrible?'  In Year 5 we will be investigating all aspects of Tudor life including taking a trip to the Walker Art Gallery to discover the importance of portraits in Tudor times.  If you would like to do your own research then follow the links to web pages below:

Henry VIII - Horrible Histories

Serie 2, episode 12. Henry VIII wants to divorce, and creates his own online

Sewing Project: Tudor Roses

Performance Poetry

As part of our English unit, we have been reading, writing and performing poems.  We have used features such as; rhyme, rhythm, onomatopoeic words, alliteration and adding a chorus, to improve our poems.

We chose our favourite poems and performed them in groups:


From a Railway Carriage by Robert Louis Stevenson

Still image for this video

The Land of the Bumbley Boo by Spike Milligan

Still image for this video

Gran Can You Rap? by Jack Ouseby

The Sound Collector by Roger McGough

The Boneyard Rap by Wes Magee

Walker Art Gallery


We recently visited the Walker Art Gallery to investigate how portraits were an important part of a Tudor monarch's life.  The children enjoyed discussing and sketching Hans Holbein's portrait of Henry VIII.

Our trip to the Walker Art Gallery

Why not visit the Walker Art Gallery and download the Tudor portrait booklet to fill in while there

             Summer Term   




Welcome back after the Easter break.  I hope that the children are all refreshed and eager to get back into their work.  Just a quick reminder to both children and parents that, this half-term, we will be having swimming lessons each Friday afternoon.  Please make sure that you have a full swimming kit (including a swimming cap for girls) for Friday.  Can I also remind you again about the importance of completing weekly homework and daily reading as this has such an impact on learning.  



Summer term parent's information letter


This term, our learning challenge theme will be all about the rainforest, focusing mainly on the Amazon.

Watch this space....


Rainforest for Kids - Biome Facts ,Layers,Animals,Flora

Cooking at Alsop

Today, we went to Alsop High School where we took part in a cookery lesson. We learnt about the importance of hygiene and safety when working in a kitchen.  The best part was that we got to make our own healthy snack of; hummus, carrot batons and pita bread sticks.  Our finished snacks were absolutely delicious!


Follow this recipe and have a go for yourself

Next week...Banana muffins!

Find out all about Fairtrade and what you can do to help by viewing this PowerPoint:

Try our tasty banana muffin recipe for yourself:

For this week's final cookery session at Alsop, we made a layered pasta salad.

Make sure that you are eating healthily. Use this 'Healthy Eating Plate' to show you the different types of food to eat for a balanced diet

Make sure that you are eating healthily.  Use this 'Healthy Eating Plate' to show you the different types of food to eat for a balanced diet 1

Rainforest Report


In our English lessons, we have been investigating the features of non-chronological reports.  After researching rainforests, using reference books and ipads, we organised our research to help us write our report.   Below are some photographs to show us hard at work as researchers:

 Professor Fluffy

This week, we have been extremely lucky to have a visit from Liverpool University's Professor Fluffy. Hati, from the university, came to speak to us about our plans for the future and how exciting university can be.  We learnt about; lectures, halls of residence, student clubs and so much more.  The children have been inspired to aim high and I'm sure that we have lots of future university students in our class.