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Welcome back! 


Welcome back after the Easter break.  I hope that the children are all refreshed and eager to get back into their work.  Just a quick reminder to both children and parents that, this half-term, we will be having PE lessons each Friday afternoon.  Please make sure that you have a full PE kit for Friday.  Can I also remind you again about the importance of completing weekly homework and daily reading as this has such an impact on learning.  


Here is a copy of our Summer Term letter.

Little Foot HQ - Team Work

A company called Little Foot HQ came into school today, to do some team building activities with the children. They had to use blocks to get across a 'river' together, and they had to use rope to make different shapes. The children seemed to have lots of fun and they worked really well as a team. GO TEAM 6CL!!


Leaver's Service at the Cathedral 

All of the Year 6 children were invited to a Leaver's Service at the Cathedral yesterday, to celebrate their time at Primary School and to look forward to Secondary School. The service also recognised Christian Aid and we donated for 'Moove over Poverty', in order to buy a cow to help certain families. 


Remember; 'When we are in darkness, Jesus helps us to move forward towards the light.' 

Fun Week!

This week, some of 6CL and 6GD have been having lots of fun doing several different activities, while the other half of the year are in Barcelona. On Tuesday, the children went to the Chill Factore in Manchester to have a go of the: Downhill Donuts, Luge Slip 'N' Slide and the Sledge 'O' Mania. It was very cold but we had SOO much fun! On Wednesday, we took advantage of the wonderful weather and played outside for a lot of the morning, and then went to the swimming baths for free play. Today, we will be doing a lot of P.E with Mr. Goodhall and finishing off some art work in class. Then, tomorrow we are off to the Watersports centre at the Albert Dock to do some canoeing. Have a look at all of our pictures.... it really has been a FUN week!! 


Wednesday (See if you can spot Miss Egan in the pool!!!!)


Thursday 1
Thursday 2
Thursday 3


Friday 1

Fun Food Chef

Our new Learning Challenge topic for this term is the Mayans. For our WOW launch, 6CL worked with the Fun Food Chef to cook some Mexican foods. We made chicken fajitas, guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, and a pork dish. It was all very delicious but a bit TOO spicy for some of the class, but we had a great time!


ICT - Hour of Code

Today, 6CL went up to the ICT suites to complete the hour of code. They completed 20 different levels of activities that involved following lots of instructions and the ability to code different characters. The children all did brilliantly, and all received a certificate of achievement. Why don't you have a go? The website link is posted below. 


Picture 1

"I'm a Year 6 pupil, get me out of here!!!!!!"


Now we have finished all of our hard work for the SAT's, our Learning Challenge theme is all to do with our local area and travel. We will be looking at our local area, comparing it to other areas in the world and planning a trip to another country. The WOW launch for our theme is Orienteering. We had two teams who both used team work to find different flags that were hidden all outside on the playground. Well done to Team 2 who completed the task is an amazing 5 minutes and 18 seconds!!! 

Picture 1

Can you feel the force?

We have been doing a lot of science this week! We have been looking at the topic of forces, so we have looked at all different types of forces such as: Gravity, Air Resistance, Friction, Upthrust, and Drag. We looked at the difference between Weight and Mass, and completed an experiment using newton meters. Then we turned our results into a table and a bar chart!! 

Picture 1
We also looked at the effect of friction and air resistance using different objects in the classroom, including different sized balls and different pieces of paper. We found that the larger the surface area, the greater the effect air resistance has. This is the reason why skydivers use huge parachutes to slow them down before they travel back to ground. 
Picture 1

Our trip to Museum of Science and Industry


For our learning challenge this term, we will be looking at the science topic of 'Forces'. So, for our WOW launch, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry to watch a show called 'Forces and Flight', and then we got to walk around the rest of the museum. We had a lot of fun!



I am very proud to say that we won the Bake-Off competition. The competition was to decorate and bake a cake with a World Book theme. We decided on the theme of Harry Potter, and the children contributed a lot to create our fantastic cake. For winning, we are being treated to a Pizza Party!!! Woohooo!

Picture 1

Learning Challenge


In our learning challenge, we have been looking at Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We have looked at whereabouts in the world they are located, what causes them, and how we can recover from them. So we have been using a lot of new technical vocabulary and completing a lot of map work. 


We have also looked at an artist named Joseph Mollard William Turner, who completed some fantastic artwork of Volcanoes. We did some research into Joseph's life and artwork and then we recreated his 'Mount Vesuvius in eruption'.


We used water colours and blending techniques to try to recreate J.W.M Turner's artwork. Here you can see a few examples: 

WOW Launch : Design, create and erupt a volcano

This term our Learning Challenge topic is Volcanoes and Earthquakes. As our WOW launch to the topic the children got the chance to build their own volcanoes using bottles and newspaper. We then painted and decorated them, so they were ready to erupt. We took the volcanoes outside and used baking powder, washing up liquid and vinegar to erupt them. We had lots of fun and the children worked really hard on them. 

Picture 1

Erupting Volcano

Still image for this video

Anne Frank Exhibition

Year 6 were very lucky to be invited to an Anne Frank exhibition at St. Lukes Church. The children got a chance to find out lots of different information about Anne Frank and learnt lots of new information. Some children helped to create a mosaic as well. It was very interesting and we have been reading about Anne ever since. 


Picture 1
Picture 2

Negative Numbers 

We started off our maths revision with positive and negative numbers. We looked at ordering numbers and finding the difference between negative and positive numbers. Here are the children playing a negative numbers board game. 

Anti-Bullying Week

In 6CL, we successfully discussed many factors involved in Bullying, including; Cyber-Bullying, not being a bystander, causes and how to cope with it. We then watched a video of 'The Kid President', who does a Pep Talk about things we should say more often and his pep talk for Teachers and Students. Our class, ten created our own Pep Talk based on Anti-Bullying. We wrote scripts, performed them and then videoed them. Talk a look at our videos and 'The Kid President', and let 6CL inspire you. 

Cain, George, Olivia, Emma-Jane

Still image for this video

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

Kid President believes the things we say can help make the world more awesome. Here he shares a special list of 20 things we should say more often. What would you add to it?

Harry Potter Flashbacks

Last week, we started learning all about Flashbacks in stories and films. We have watched many different examples and have read lots of extracts from Harry Potter, that include flashbacks. This week, we began the week using our drama skills to re-enact a scene from Harry Potter, where Hagrid has a flashback about the death of Harry's parents. Can you think of any films with flashbacks?

Picture 1

Changing Circuits

Last week, we started our new topic in Science; 'Changing Circuits'. We worked through a carousel of many different challenges. Using many pieces of equipment, we experimented with many different challenge questions and made many different circuits. We then began thinking about how we can draw circuits and their symbols. 

Picture 1

Remembrance Day Festival

Last week, we spent a lot of time practising and rehearsing for our play and assembly. Everybody worked so hard and I was very proud of every single person in both Year 6 classes. We definitely have some budding actors amongst us!!  

Converting Measures

We have been playing games in Maths, to practice our skills with converting measures. Today we played a converting capacity version of Snakes and Ladders. We had lots of fun!! 


Shapes, Shapes, Shapes!

Over the last two weeks, 6CL have been working with 2D and 3D shapes in Maths. We looked at all of the properties of 2D shapes, and sorted shapes into a Venn diagram according to their different properties. We even created our own shapes using geo-boards and then described the properties of these. 

Here is Ryan and Yining talking about their own shapes. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
This week, we have been looking at 3D shapes. We identified the different shapes and their properties. The children then worked as groups to create their own Carroll diagrams according to different categories. The children enjoyed the activity and they were using some fantastic maths vocabulary to talk to each other. We are now looking at nets, and creating our own nets for different 3D shapes. 

International Day of Languages 

Last week was International Day of Languages. We had many different visitors coming in to tell us all about different countries and cultures. It was very interesting. 6CL were Mexico for the day. We looked through different pictures from around Mexico, we made a menu full of Mexican food and we made an information poster. We also got a chance to eat nachos and salsa, listen to a Mariachi Band, and wear a real Sombrero and poncho. 

WOW Launch: Slave Auction

This term, our Learning Challenge is 'Why is the Albert Dock so important?' We have discussed what we already know and what we want to find out during this term. We will be finding out a lot of information about the docks and how they played a role in the slave trade. This week, 6CL used our drama skills to act out a slave auction. First, we discussed exactly what it was like, and how the children would feel if they were in that situation. The children were fantastic and showed a lot of emotion. 

Who are 6CL?

Last week, Year 6 typed up letters which they had wrote to me all about themselves, their summer and their hopes for this year. We then used water colours to paint a portrait of ourselves over the top. They look great! Can you spot yourself on these pictures?
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Welcome to 6CL!


I hope you have had a wonderful summer holiday and are relaxed and refreshed to work hard and try your very best at all times throughout the Autumn Term! 


We have already completed so many different activities including; Maths Scavenger Hunts, portrait drawing and designing our own school shield. The class even wrote me a letter all about themselves, their summer holiday and their hopes for this year. 


Class Notices

This year we will have P.E on Tuesday and Thursday. Don't forget to bring your kits. 

Homework will always be given out on Monday and should be returned by Thursday (Friday at the very latest!!). Don't forget you receive a reward card every time you bring in your homework. 

You should aim to read at home as much as possible throughout the year. Bring your book in signed by someone who has listened to you read and you will receive a reward card.


SATS Revision Websites


It is that time of year where you should be starting to do some revision at home. If you have a tablet or a computer at home, these websites are really helpful. Have a go at any of the sites at home, and let Miss Leech or Miss Egan know what you have done for a reward.