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Hi Year 6MC. Welcome to your class website! We are very lucky to have a new website, which is absolutely fab! Each week new things will be added to our class page so watch this space! If you can think of anything you would like to see on your class website, then let me know and I will add it! I have added links to a few shape websites so you can have a go at home. and     

Making Candle Holders for Candlemass.

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We made some candle holders from salt dough to celebrate Candlemass. We had to carefully measure and mix flour, salt and water to make the dough, then kneed it until it was smooth and elastic. Then we used acrylic paints to decorate them. Finally, they were baked in an oven to harden them.

Medium Term Planning Spring

Writing Wikis

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We have been learning how to write using "wikis", which are web applications that let you write blocks of text, pictures and insert links that other people can interact with and edit by collaboration.

We have chosen to write about different aspects of World War 2, which we are learning about this term. Here we are, creating our wikis!

*The word "wiki" means "quick" in the Hawaiian language.
Year 6 were given the chance to meet some veterans after the Remembrance assembly, they were given first hand information of what it was like in the war.

Remembrance day

Children in Need

Children in Need 1