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As a reward for all the hard work that the children have been doing this term, Year 6 were taken bowling on Friday.  We had a great time and were able to relax and enjoy our time together.

Show Racism the Red Card

On Tuesday afternoon, a group of Year 6 children were invited to attend an event at Goodison Park, which highlighted the campaign ‘Show Racism the Red Card’.  The children who attended were fantastic ambassadors for our school, demonstrating a mature approach to the issue and asking some thoughtful questions.  The children were lucky enough to meet some past and present Everton players and have their photographs taken too.  Well done Year 6!

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Our fluffy friends!

Before it was time for them to return to the farm, we popped down to say hello to the newly-hatched chicks in Nursery.  Despite some children being apprehensive, we all took turns in giving them a quick cuddle!

                World Book Day                 

Ooh arr me hearties!   Year 6 had a wonderful World Book Day, with lots of pirate-themed activities to inspire us to embrace our inner pirate!  We thoroughly enjoyed hearing our Year 4 reading buddies read, performing pirate poetry and also using our knowledge of angles and coordinates to hunt for buried treasure and fire our cannons.  A big thank you to all parents/carers, who sent the children to school in such fantastic costumes.

Year 6 SATs Information Meeting for Parents


Just to remind you that we are holding a SATs information meeting for parents/carers on Thursday 25th February at 2:30pm.

The meeting will provide you with an overview of the test requirements, give advice on how to best support your child in preparing for the tests as well as providing each child with a pack of revision materials and test timetable.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 2016 took place on the 9th February, with the theme 'Play your part for a better internet!'

In Year 6, we looked at how uploading or commenting on pictures on the internet or smartphones can cause problems and be unsafe.  We labelled photos of some people's faces with our comments about what sort of person we thought they were.  We then discussed how, when you write a comment about someone or post a picture, it is out there forever. We decided that it was always best to check with an adult before posting a picture and, that we should never write a nasty comment about a person as we know how this would feel is someone wrote it about us or our families.

Bully Busters

Last week, we had some very important visitors come in to Year 6.   Bully Busters, a helpline for children who feel that they are being bullied, came in to speak to us about friendship.  We discussed what was a good friendship/bad friendship and how to resolve conflicts with our friends and others.  

We were taught a way of recognising whether we were being bullied or had just fallen out with our friends:

Sharing food with our school community

In our R.E. lesson today, we considered how religions can affect the community in which they live.  We discussed how all religions encourage charity but, for some it is seen as a religious duty.  In Sikhism, it is believed that serving the needy helps you to become closer to God.  At a Sikh temple (Gurdwara), there is  a special dining hall called a 'Langar'.  Here Sikhs volunteer to serve free food to all those in need and to visitors, no matter what their religion is.  We shared some Indian foods with our school community, including visitors, staff and children. 

Holocaust Memorial Day

On 27th January, a group of Year 6 children were invited to attend a special event at Alsop High School where, together with pupils and staff from other local schools, they heard the testimony of Zigi Shipper, an 85 year old Auschwitz survivor. It was an incredibly moving experience and one which none of the children involved will ever forget.

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Maths challenges and puzzles

We have been getting our heads around some quite tricky problems and puzzles in Year 6 this week using 'Brain Box' resources.

'Hope' performance at St. Luke's Church

On Monday, Year 6 were invited to Saint Luke's to watch a performance all about 'hope'. An enthusiastic cast brought the story of John Newton to life. He is famous for writing the hymn, Amazing Grace, which sends the message that there is always hope if we choose to do the right thing.

PSHE -Conflict Resolution

As part of our PSHE lesson this week, we have been discussing how best to deal with conflict and arguments.  We took part in role play activities and worked together to find the best ways to solve these problems in a calm and fair way.

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Revision Websites

Below are some links to useful websites, which will help support your child to prepare for their SATs.

Spring Term Parent's Letter

Spring Term

This term we will be comparing and contrasting coastal resorts in both Spain and Brazil, with geography as our focus.

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Merry Christmas from 6NB

Class 6NB having some Christmas fun.

Evacuee Afternoon

Year 6 had an amazing afternoon of 1940's fun on Thursday, when we held an 'Evacuee Afternoon'.  The children were greeted by bunting, banners and, most importantly, sandwiches and cake!  We then took part in several activities such as: writing a postcard home, filling out our identification labels and having our photographs taken.  The highlight of the afternoon was an enthusiastic game of musical chairs, of course accompanied by traditional children's songs such as: Run, rabbit run!  We would like to thank parents and carers for making such a wonderful effort in dressing the children in their evacuee costumes, they looked amazing!

Trip to the Imperial War Museum

To complement our Learning Challenge topic on the Second World War, we visited the Imperial War Museum in Manchester.  We had a fantastic day, experiencing how the lives of many Britons, especially children, was affected by the war.  The children demonstrated maturity and respect, while engaging with museum staff.  Well done Year 6! 


'Let it shine!'

As part of our science topic 'Light', we have been exploring how, by using mirrors, we can bend light. We worked in groups to look at how the beam of light could be altered using different amounts of mirrors, placed a certain angles along the beam of light.

We are app designers

This morning Year 6 have been working on their World War 2 Apps. We are all looking forward to visiting The Imperial War Museum in Manchester next week where we hope to see artefacts from this period in time.
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Year 6 presented this year's Remembrance Day Service, which was attended by members of the local community, including veterans and current members of the armed forces. We would like to thank parents and families for their attendance and support.
Below are a few websites which you might find useful when researching evacuees.  

Autumn Term 2

Our Learning Challenge theme this half term is 'Friend or Foe?'  We will be finding out about the lives of children who were evacuated during World War 2, why they were evacuated and where they were evacuated to.  As part of our ongoing theme, we will also be visiting the Imperial War Museum in Manchester later in the term.

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World War 2 diary entries

World War 2 diary entries 1
World War 2 diary entries 2

Drumming workshop

This week, we were treated to a drumming workshop in school from a professional percussionist.  The children were able to show off their percussion skills, copy a beat and create their own unique rhythms.  It was an extremely enjoyable (though slightly noisy) experience. 

Harry Potter Flashbacks

As part of our English unit 'Flashbacks', we have been performing our own versions of Harry Potter and Hagrid's first meeting.  We have some wonderful actors in our class, who certainly enjoyed showing off their acting skills!

We are app designers

In Computing, we have been looking at how apps are used on many forms of technology in our lives today.  Firstly, we investigated the different capabilities of smartphones and then, looked at how information is transmitted and received by satellites to make it possible to use GPS devices.  We then had a go ourselves at using app software to create an app for our school.


This half-term, we have been very fortunate to have a sports coach come in and support us in our P.E. lessons. We have been taking part in gymnastics sessions, learning how to combine and perform gymnastic actions, shapes and balances.  At first, we all found some of the exercises quite tricky but now are becoming quite the experts!

World War 2

This term, year 6 are discovering how World War 2 affected the daily lives of children. As well as experiencing an air raid drill, they have also learned about 'make do and mend' and 'dig for victory'.

In our garden, we collected various vegetables which were then made into a delicious war time broth.

  International Day of Languages

Year 6 had a wonderful International Day of Languages this year. In the morning, they sampled the delights of Greek cuisine, tasting foods such as; hummus, tzatziki, taramasalata, feta cheese and Greek yoghurt with honey. Later that day, they were able to express themselves through percussion using various drums and kettle bells as they learned how to play Chilean music. Finally, they danced the afternoon away to fantastic salsa music and learned some fabulous new dance moves!!!  

International Day of Languages

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​Welcome to Year 6 and to a very exciting year ahead for all of us!  The children have settled in well to our new classroom (even though we are all exhausted through climbing so many stairs!!) and ready for their new challenges. 

Please visit our class page where we will keep you up-to-date with our learning and activities throughout the year.

Class Notices

This year we will have P.E on Thursday and Friday. Don't forget to bring your kits. 

Homework will always be given out on Monday and should be returned by Thursday (Friday at the very latest!!). Don't forget you receive a reward card every time you bring in your homework. 

You should aim to read at home as much as possible throughout the year. Bring your book in signed by someone who has listened to you read and you will receive a reward card.

Year 6 Autumn Term information letter

Year 6 Yearly Overview