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Building Project Photos

Area 1 - The Chapel

These photos show the removal of the old roof of the existing classroom and the construction of the timber frame which will form the walls of the new Chapel.  The builders have made amazing progress in a matter of only a few weeks, and it won't be long before they are ready to put the new roof on!

The Chapel is now complete!

Area 2 - Multi-media Hub

The next stage of the development is the new Key Stage 2 Multi-media Hub which is being created in the old Junior Hall.  The partition walls of the old classrooms have all been removed ready for the steel joists to be installed for the new mezzanine floor.  The ceiling has been opened up to add the additional headroom and soon the new floor will be completed.

Work is really moving ahead and the new mezzanine floor is now installed and the roof has been opened up to accommodate our new 'Reading loft' area.  The rooflights are being installed this week and it is won't be long before the walls and ceiling can be plastered.