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Christmas 2015

This year we have been very busy rehearsing at lunchtimes and even after school for our upcoming Christmas Carol Concerts and we have been in high demand to perform in a variety of events within our local community.

This week we participated in a Christmas Choir at Breeze Hill Neighbourhood Health Centre. 

Upcoming Events

The choir will be performing at 

  • Walton Manor Residential Centre on Wednesday 9th December
  • St Mary's Church on Thursday 10th at 4pm
  • Tesco, Walton Road on Friday 11th December
Look what we achieved last year!

The choir has had several opportunities to visit the Philharmonic Hall and perform at school in special events.

On one occasion, a selection of children were given the opportunity to create current music and songs. They were accompanied by a live band. The event was run by the Music services of Liverpool (Resonate), and involved many schools from the Liverpool area.

It was an informal session, where no uniforms were required, enthusiasm and enjoyment were the only rules of the day. The children were singing, dancing or just ‘chilling’ as the music was played.

The teaching staff, from all the schools even had to perform, and ‘yes’, myself ‘Mrs Jarvis’, entertained the children, with a ‘trillby’ hat and ‘cool’ moves to ‘Uptown Funk’ (Bruno Mars).

At another time, the children of year 4, attended the Philharmonic Hall to develop their appreciation of all forms of Music, and viewed instruments being played by professional musicians. The experience enabled the children to listen to music, also to discover how amazing and varied musical involvement can be. Music is in all aspects of their world and life.

In July, the choir and recorder children performed a concert for friends and family. They sang and played with enthusiasm and skill, and I would like to thank the children involved, for all their hard work and dedication to music in our school. A very big thank you, from myself and Mrs Barnett, to all the audience, who appreciated all the efforts made by every child involved.

Unfortunately, due to technical problems, we have been unable to capture the performance for viewing. I am sure that all involved, whether in the audience or a performer in the concert, will remember all the songs and recorder music, with delight. A very big thank you, once again, for the time and dedication, given by all the children of Arnot St Mary’s recorder and choir.

Thank you

Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Barnett