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Week 5

This week has been very exciting! It has been Sports and Health week! We have done so many different activities which we have all enjoyed.


We have completed lots of exciting activities such as;

  • Yoga
  • Dental and mental health activities
  • Sports day
  • Zumba
  • Making and selling our own smoothies!
  • Littlefoot
  • Hand washing and keeping clean
  • Talking about our emotions based on the film Inside Out.


Our enterprise day in school was fantastic. We partnered up with Year 4 and our task was to make and sell smoothies. Our smoothie was called Very Berry Explosion and we advertised it as well as making it and then selling it. The profit we made will go towards a healthy breakfast in school with the whole class next week which will be delicious. The year one assembly on Friday was a complete success and all of the children really tried their best. We hope you all enjoyed watching it too. On Friday afternoon we also watched a Charlotte's Web theatre production. Everyone has really enjoyed this week especially the enterprise and sports day. 



Week 2.


We have had a fantastic week this week. In English we tried different fruits, made masks and wrote about a setting all linked to the story Handa's Surprise which is our new book for the rest of the term.

Children have worked hard this week to complete their phonics screening tests so a big well done to everyone. 

In Maths we have been working on number and place value looking at partitioning and solving number problems.

Our highlight of the week was our trip to Chester Zoo. We had a brilliant time and the children loved it so much. We saw so many different animals and there was a smile on everyone's face the whole day. Well done to everyone as their behaviour was a credit to the school. Have a look at some of our photographs to see what we saw at the zoo.

Week 5.


We have had a lovely last week before the half term break. In Maths we have been looking at 3D shapes. We are experts now at identifying 3D shapes and their properties such as how many faces, corners and edges they have. We even know which shapes have curved edges and which shapes have straight edges.

In English we have been acting out the Julia Donaldson book Monkey Puzzle. We created actions for the story and then created a story map. Children then created their own story maps and some wrote their own versions of the story. 

We have also been doing lots of phonics practise ready for the phonics screening. Please can you use the booklet which has been sent home to go over trickier sounds and words. 

In science we created habitat homes which look fantastic. We used boxes, paints and drew our own pictures of the different animals which live in different habitats.

We finished our busy week with our Butterfly Party releasing butterflies into our garden.


Homework- Phonics booklets

Stars of the week- Lexie and Jayden 


Week 3.


This week we spent some time in the garden looking at the different types of trees as well as carrying out bark rubbings. We made our own binoculars to look through.

In maths we have been working hard again looking at money. We have had our own enchanted woodland shop and have been buying items to add together as well as working out how much change we get from certain amounts.

In science we have learnt what a habitat is and have been doing some work on writing about why animals live in certain habitats. In English children wrote some brilliant extended sentences about settings.

Please can you work on the split digraph sounds at home as we continue to prepare for the phonics screening test.


Stars of the week- Charlie and Ruby M

Reading champion- Paige



Week 1.


Welcome back after a lovely Easter break. Mrs Linacre and I hope you had a good rest. 

This week we have continued with time in Maths and have had some lessons where we have been applying our knowledge on time so far. We have also started our new topic which is The Enchanted Woodland. We have created a map of what we might see as we walk through a woodland and have started to look in science at trees and plants. We have now know all the parts of a plant and their job. Did you know that the petals attract insects? 

We have had some really good discussions in 1JQ this week about why we are so amazing and special. We wrote a balloon about what makes each of us so wonderful. They look lovely around the classroom door for all to see.


Stars of the week- Mikey and Levi

Homework- Please read at home this weekend.

We have had a really enjoyable last week of the spring term. We have been working hard in Maths and have begun to look at time and even started to tell the time to o'clock and half past. We made our own rockets in Art and Design which look fantastic. Well done! The highlight of the week was our trip to The Liverpool Life Museum. We took part in a toy workshop where we looked at old and new toys and got to play with some very cool toys. We also spent time wandering around some of the exhibitions. The best part was going into Little Liverpool where we played a water fishing game, explored the Liverpool Alphabet and played with some ships. All of the children were fantastic and really were a credit to us. From Mrs Quantick and Mrs Linacre we hope you have a wonderful Easter break and stay safe. Homework is to work through speed sounds.


Week 5.


This week we have had lots of fun writing our own versions of Alien Love Underpants. Some of the children's imaginations came alive and their stories were so creative. We will be finishing those off this week. We had Littlefoot in again doing lots of team building activities. 1JQ worked so well together, well done!! In topic we did some art work and we got messy doing paper mache with balloons turning them into the solar system which we will be painting this week. The children loved it.

Don't forget we are on our trip on Thursday 6th to the Museum. Don't forget your packed lunches if your bringing your own.


Homework- Days of the week.

Stars of the week- James and Kady.

Week 4.


This week we have been looking at measure in Maths. We have been focusing on length and we have been measuring all sorts of things with our hands and cubes.

We have also been continuing with our Moon Zoom topic and looked into space history and we travelled back in time to look at key events that have happened.

Week 3.


It has been yet another fun and busy week! We have had a science week this week looking at materials. It started on Monday with a very messy lesson. We had to feel the materials on tables and then use adjectives to describe them. We had materials such as shaving foam and popping candy, green jelly, rocks and baking powder with glitter. We have also learnt the properties of many materials and have done different sorting activities to decide where materials belong.

In Maths we have been finding out about fractions. We now know how to find half of shapes and some of us even know a quarter. We even moved on to finding a half and a quarter of amounts.

In English we wrote fantastic descriptions about our own planets and next week will be creating our own aliens to live in those planets.


Stars of the week- Judy and Oliver.

Homework- Red words, alien words and writing about being an astronaut travelling to another universe.

Week 2.


We have had a very exiting second week back. It started on Monday when children started gymnastics during the PE time. They have all been looking forward to this. On Tuesday something happened in our garden which we had to go and investigate....

An alien spaceship landed in the tree and jewels had exploded all over the garden. The alien left us a message asking him to help us. We had to go into the garden and collect all of the 25 jewels. We then wrote the alien a letter back and told him all about Planet Earth including all about our school, what we enjoy playing and how to go to the shops and buy clothes. 

In maths we have continued with division and children have tried so hard. We are now ready to move onto fractions next week. Children have settled well into their new phonics groups and I hope that everyone will be spending time at home to practise all of their sounds. 

In history this week we have learnt all about the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong. We learnt how he went into space for 8 days in the spacecraft Apollo 11 and was the first man on the moon. Children wrote their own sentences and fact files. Well done!!


Homework- Green and red words as well as alien writing.

Stars of the week- Ruby S and Levi.

Reading Champion- Lexie.

Welcome back after a wonderful break!


Our new topic is ' Moon Zoom ' which is all about space. We will also be looking at the book Aliens love underpants in English. We are also starting gymnastics on a Monday so don't forget PE kits. In RWI we are going to be going to our new groups. Please can you continue to look at speed sounds at home and there will be words coming home to practise. Looking forward to a jam packed and exciting term. 

Week 7.


Well done to all the children in 1JQ for all their hard work this term. Everyone has worked incredibly hard and have made lots of progress. In Maths this week we have become multiplication experts and in Art we created our own family portraits which are fantastic and will look lovely on a display around the classroom. Have a fantastic half term and keep safe.


Homework- Phonics practise of speed sounds, red words and green words. Please make sure this is done as it is important preparation for phonics screening.

It has been another fantastic and busy week in Year 1. In Maths we have started working on multiplication and have been drawing our own arrays and looking at images to write the repeated addition and multiplication calculation. On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day. We read two different stories which helped us to understand what we need to do when we get confused or if we don't understand something which may pop up on the internet. We all understand how important it is to ask an adult to help us no matter what!!

In English we have begun to write our own stories. We are planning and have all created a character and a setting in which we want our story to take place. It is based on the book Owl Babies. 

Thursday afternoon was very exciting. As part of our Memory Box topic we invited parents in to share Afternoon Tea and play games, colour and read with us. It was also a chance for parents to look at photos showing what we have been up to in our class. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Make sure you do some reading.


Star of the week- Summer.

WOW! What a super busy week!!


We have had lots of special visitors in our school this week and as well as producing some wonderful work we have been shining stars showing our visitors how amazing we are at Arnot St Mary.

In maths we have been learning how to write repeated addition calculations and have been looking at array images.

In science we carried out 2 investigations to understand why we have two eyes. One was with a pencil and the other we had to try and drop a coin into a pot with one eye shut. 

On Thursday we also had a visitor from Nick Sharratt! He came into our school and taught children from Rec-Year 3 how to draw some of the characters in his books such as Caveman Dave and Mrs Pirate. Children really enjoyed this afternoon and 1JQ has some amazing artists.


Don't forget to bring in empty shoe boxes for memory box making and it is our afternoon tea for parents on Thursday.


Homework- Doubles and word problems related to counting in 2's.

Stars of the week- Jayden and Halle.

Week 4.


It has been yet another busy week in 1JQ. I have been extremely impressed with the way children in 1JQ have worked this week. They have been working so independently especially in Maths.

In Maths this week we started to look at doubling and have moved onto halving towards the end of the week. Children have tried really hard and are now doubling experts.

In topic we have been continuing with our Memory Box topic where we looked at transport throughout the ages and saw how much transport has changed from horse and carts to the super sonic trains we will have in the future. In science we talked about what we can do as we get from a baby to an adult and we wrote in our books everything we can do now as children. 

A letter has been sent home about our Year 1 Afternoon Tea which will take place on Thursday 9th February at 2.15 pm to show our families what we have been learning. Please can you let us know via the reply slip how many people are attending. Also we are beginning to collect empty shoe boxes as part of our Memory Box topic to make our own Memory Boxes.

Stars of the week- Charlie and Ruby S.

Homework- Doubling and halving activities.

Week 3.


During topic this week we looked at different items from the past such as radios, televisions and cameras and talked about how they are different and similar to the ones we have now. Children couldn't believe people used to wash their clothes with a mangle!!

In Maths we have been looking at inverse and children have been changing additions to subtractions and vice versa. I think they completed this very well as it can be tricky.

We have now started yoga for the term with our yoga teacher and everyone found it very relaxing especially after a busy day of learning. 

In English we have been continuing with 'Owl Babies' and have been sequencing the story as well as writing sentences to match parts of the story.

We have had lots of circle time this week talking about different celebrations we have such as weddings, birthdays and christenings. It would be great if 1JQ could find out when their birthday is.


Homework- To count in 2's, 5's and 10's forwards and backwards. 

Week 2.


Wow! what an exciting week we have had. The week started with a visit from Google Expeditions where we went on some virtual 3D expeditions of The North Pole and The Solar System. In science we used our baby photos in a guess who game where we had to work out who each other was. Some children were able to guess Mrs Quantick's baby photos. We have also been thinking about how we grow and what we can do at different ages and stages in life. In Maths we have been continuing with subtraction using word problems which children have tried really hard at. One of my favourite times this week has been the Teddy Bear's Picnic. We all got into our pyjamas and cuddled our favourite teddy bear's and talked about why they are so special to us. It was a lovely afternoon. Have a fantastic weekend!!


Homework- Reading and My Maths.

Stars of the Week- Emily and Charlies....superstars!!!

Welcome Back and a Happy New Year from Mrs Quantick and Mrs Linacre!!! 

Our new topic this half term is Memory Box. We are going to be looking at our own childhood memories and the past. It would be great if you could bring in a baby photo which will be photocopied and returned home. We started off our new topic with a special visit from Miss Hamlett's Grandma. She spoke to us about her memories of growing up during the war as well as what it was like going to school. It was really interesting and the children enjoyed it. 

Please can you have a go at logging into Bug Club and My Maths and having a go at reading some books and the maths activities which are set.

Don't forget children need their PE kits back in school ready for PE on Monday. Have a great weekend.


Merry Christmas


Have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!

From Mrs Quantick and Mrs Linacre

Week 7.


It has been yet another busy week in 1JQ. At the start of the week we were busy getting ourselves ready for the Nativity performance making sure we knew our lines and all of the songs and dances. We have worked super hard in English finishing off some work on We're going on a bear hunt. We even wrote our own versions of the story which blew Mrs Quantick away they were so good. In maths we started to look at subtraction and we used a tens frame and number line to help us work out subtraction number sentences. As we are preparing for Christmas this week we spent time looking at Christingle and what it means. In class we then made Christingle oranges which we lit in our special service. On Friday we had our Nativity for all our families which was very special. Everyone was a real star and should be so proud of themselves. I know I am so well done!! All of the children are getting so excited for Christmas now. Not long to go!!

Bug club and My maths have been updated. Have a lovely weekend 1JQ!!

Week 5.


It has been yet another busy week. We have done lots of science this week including learning about what happens in Autumn and we had a bread tasting afternoon where we sampled lots of different types of bread including french baguette, wholemeal, white rolls and garlic bread. This was such a yummy afternoon. The children decided which breads they liked and which ones they disliked. This is part of our Love to Investigate module on How do we make bread? We are hopefully going to be making our own bread soon. Rehearsals are in full swing now for the KS1 Nativity and we have been busy giving parts and getting costumes ready. In maths we have continued with addition to 10, 12 and 16. Which is fantastic. Homework on addition has now been added to the My Maths page. We enjoyed a special hot chocolate treat today because we filled our marble jar to the top. Well done 1JQ.

Homework- spellings this week to work on at home, My Maths.

Stars of the week- James and Saffia.

Reading champion- Saffia.

Week 4.


It has been yet another busy week in 1JQ. In maths we have been working on making addition calculations to 5 and to 10. This has been a new challenge which the children have tried really hard at. 

We have been learning all about The Great Fire of London and 1JQ are now experts. We created our own timeline of events and talked about what events took place during the Great Fire. 

In Geography we did some excellent map work and were able to label the four countries of the United Kingdom as well as labelling Liverpool where we live and London where The Queen lives. Could you please bring in any cereal boxes for our Great Fire of London art work.

Homework- to write facts about the Great Fire of London and My Maths.

Stars of the week- Oliver, Summer and Ruby M.


Week 3.


This week had been so much fun. It started on Tuesday when we had a very special treat. The whole school watched a pantomime of Pinocchio. It was fantastic and all of the children really enjoyed watching it.

All week we have been doing lots of special activities related to anti bullying. We have called this forgiveness week. We have had some special reflection times, made hearts that teach us how to be a good friend and we had buddies come from year 4 to read with us and spend the afternoon in our class.

We had a lovely assembly from year 5 about children in need and even had a visit from Pudsey bear himself. 


Homework- Bug Club, My Maths and phonics letter formation.

Stars of the week- Judy and Molly. Well done!!

Reading champion- Kady. Well done!!



Week 2.


It has been another exciting week in year 1. Throughout the week everyone has been out on a minibus tour around Liverpool with Mr Cavanagh our caretaker as our driver. We saw so many cool places around Liverpool including Everton Football Club, The Albert Dock, The Big Wheel, The Hospital, both of our Cathedrals and The Liverpool Museum. We loved seeing our City. We have also started to looking at our new story in English which is 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We read it through as a class and then children acted out certain parts of the story with fabulous actions. In Maths we have continued to look at number lines and correcting them by finding missing numbers and ordering numbers onto a number line! In RE we saw pictures of some weird and wonderful creatures which God has created. We asked some fantastic questions about how these creatures may have been made and where exactly we might find them. 1JQ have also been thinking about why it is we have Rememberance Day and we had a discussion about how soldiers past and present have fought to protect our nation. We made poppies to wear and wore them proudly at our very special service took by Year 6. 

Please can you visit the My Maths website for maths homework and log into Bug Club to find an online reading book.

Stars of the Week- Oliver and Ruby! Well done!

Reading Champion- Judy! Superstar! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21

Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely half term. Tasks have now been set on My Maths for your child to work through as part of their homework. 

Our new topic for this term is Bright Lights and Big City. Please see the letter on the web page for other areas which we will be focusing on. 

We had an exciting start to our week with our Afternoon Tea in which the children chose a King and a Queen from our class. We all enjoyed time talking together as well as eating delicious sandwiches, cakes and scones. We all wore our best outfits as well. We have also had a visit from the fire brigade who spoke to us about bonfire safety which we continued in our class and created some fantastic firework pictures using black card and chalk. We have started off our new topic by learning where the four countries are in the United Kingdom as well as finding where our capital city London is and our city Liverpool. We also looked at images off our city and we had to work out what the landmark were because they are taken from above. 

Stars of the week this week are Levi and Paige. Well done!!!

Week 6.

Week 6 has been full of exciting lessons this week. In science we were discovering what we could do with our hands. We had a carousel of activities such as jigsaws, ordering straws, feeling sand paper to decide which could be roughest or smoothest and putting our hands into ice cold and warm water to see what happened. This was so much fun!!

On Thursday we had some special visitors talking to year one. They were our community police officers who are our real life superheroes. They talked to us about their job and how it is so important and helpful to everyone. They showed us what was in their special belts and some of us got to try on their uniform. We asked some amazing questions too. 

Mrs Quantick and Mrs Linacre hope that you all have a relaxing and fun half term break and come back ready to start again on Monday 31st October.

Well done to our stars of the week who are Saffia and Oliver and our christian values star who is Dylan.

Homework for the holidays is to go on an Autumn hunt and create an Autumn animal picture. I can't wait to see what you all create.


Week 5


Year 1 have had a super week once again. In DT we made our own superhero pizzas. They were delicious and gave the children so many different superhero powers including singing power, ice powers and even fire powers! 

We also had a very interesting and slimy science lesson in which we hid body parts in jelly and the children had to dig them out and investigate what the function of the body part was. 

Congratulations to our wonderful stars of the week who are Jayden and Kady! Charlie got to enjoy hot chocolate with Mrs Walls as part of the punctuality treat for always being one of the first to arrive in our class. Well done to those three children!

Superhero pizza making

Superhero pizza making 1
Superhero pizza making 2
Superhero pizza making 3
Superhero pizza making 4
Superhero pizza making 5
Superhero pizza making 6
Superhero pizza making 7
Superhero pizza making 8
Superhero pizza making 9
Superhero pizza making 10
Superhero pizza making 11

Week 4.

This week the children in 1JQ have again been working especially hard. In English we have been developing writing our own stories and we have learnt that a good story always has a beginning, a middle and an end. We have ended the week by writing a class story. In Maths we have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones. We have used lots of different equipment such as numicon, beads, base ten and place value mats to help us do this. This hasn't been easy so well done 1JQ. In topic we learnt all about Florence Nightingale and how she changed the way our hospitals look. We have also had lots of fun in science learning about our 5 senses. We carried out an experiment in which we had to taste, smell, feel, look and hear different objects to work out what they were. It was so much fun. On Thursday we also enjoyed our delicious Big Lunch.

We hope you all have a restful weekend after such a busy week learning. Don't forget PE kits for Monday.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Week 3.


Week 3 has been very exciting in 1JQ. We have worked so hard in Maths finding more than and less than. In English we have been researching those real life superheroes who help us in everyday life. We even wrote a class story about our own Superhero who is called 'Lightening Doctor'. The children in 1JQ have amazing imaginations. 

On Thursday we had our International Day of Languages and as a class we chose to learn about France. We had fun learning french, colouring french flags, counting to 10 and eating some scrumptious french food including croissants and jam. Mrs Quantick and Mrs Linacre have also been impressed by how more children have been doing lots of reading at home, keep it up.

Picture 1 Mrs Quantick- Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Linacre- Teaching Assistant

We have had a very exciting first full week in 1JQ. On Monday we had our Superhero day and it was amazing to see so many of our children dressed up in their favourite superhero costumes. Everyone loved the superhero hunt and creating a class suoerhero photo with superhero poses. Even Mrs Quantick and Mrs Linacre got involved. 


We have been very busy in Maths showing off our number skills by counting and ordering numbers with numicon up to 20 and beyond. In RE we have been talking about how unique we all are and how we all have a special gift or talent. All of 1JQ were eager to talk about what these gifts are.


During PE children worked in groups and individually to create superhero moves to some very special superhero music. They were fantastic and we were especially entertained. Our self portraits are ready to go onto display now in the corridor and look brilliant. I will be sure to take a photograph once it is up.


Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Quantick or Mrs Linacre if there is anything you or any of the children need. We hope you enjoy looking over our photos from our week in 1JQ.


Mrs Quantick and Mrs Linacre

Picture 1 We are the best Superheroes!!!