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Class 2HMC

We have had another busy week, investigating shapes that float, playing 'Captain's Coming' in PE, writing and making 2-digit numbers. We also had a lovely surprise when we had an unexpected visitor...

Look who came to see us...

This week, we have investigated which shape floats best. After stretching, rolling, squeezing and twisting, some of the children managed to get their boat to float!

Love to investigate

This week, we went to New Brighton and had a swash buckling time on the pirate ship with Pirate Cutlass and her crew...

New Brighton and the pirate ship

We tested different materials to see which would be the best for a pirate ship. The cardboard and paper ships went soggy as they absorbed the water. The metal and plastic were the best materials.

Love to investigate

Love to investigate 1
Love to investigate 2
Love to investigate 3

Welcome to 2HMC. What a busy time we have had so far...

We have been counting in tens and showing numbers in different ways.

We are reading Oliver Jeffers books throughout the year and at the moment, we are reading, 'The Day the Crayons Came Home'.

Also, we are learning about oceans that explorers visited alongside our topic of 'Land Ahoy!'

Welcome to Year 2