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Fun and Team Work in P.E

Muck, Mess and Mixtures - our launch afternoon, we had lots of fun exploring different mixtures and textures!


Today we made castles to complete our topic of 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets'. The children had a brlliiant time working in teams to design and build the castles out of cardboard and tape. They made sure to include features like a draw bridge, towers, ramparts and arrow slits. 

Don't they look wonderful? Well done everyone! 

Look at our castles!

Look at our castles!  1
Look at our castles!  2
Look at our castles!  3
Look at our castles!  4
Look at our castles!  5
Look at our castles!  6

We've had an exciting first week back from half term... 

I hope you have all had a lovely time off! 


This week 2LR have been able to design, make and eat fruit kebabs with Apple of my Eye, two lovely ladies who came in to talk to us about healthy eating. We had a great time learning how to select and chop different fruits to make a colourful kebab. 


We have also been for a walk around our local community. We noticed lots of different shops and businesses, houses that are old and new and we even got to visit the Old Grammar School. This half term we will be continuing to learn all about our local area and the people who make up our community. 


Have a great weekend. 



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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 10

Another busy week! 

We had another busy week in 2LR last week!

In maths we have been working hard to order and compare lots of numbers using new symbols.


In English, we have been learning how to write a recount and practicing by writing all about our recent trip to New Brighton to see the pirate ship! We met real pirates there and had a blast singing sea shanties and exploring the ship. 


This week, our topic is focusing on Grace Darling, a heroine who saved lots of people's lives in Northumberland during the Victorian times. We have done some fantastic drama and writing so far to explore the story. We are also learning about how to count in many different ways. Check out the link to a fun song to remind ourselves how to count in 2s below!



Picture 1 We sang sea shanties!

We did a science investigation!

Picture 1

Last week 2LR conduced an investigation into which material made the best boat for a stranded pirate friend! We used paper, cardboard, plastic and metal trays, then recorded our observations onto clipboards.

We had lots of fun and carefully observed any changes in the material. We definitely decided that our pirate would not be happy with a paper or cardboard boat!


We are looking forward to our trip to New Brighton beach this week on Thursday to meet some real pirates and go on-board a real pirate ship! I wonder what material that is made out of...



Welcome to 2LR! What a busy time we have had so far...


We have been counting in tens and showing numbers in different ways.

We are reading Oliver Jeffers books throughout the year and at the moment, we are reading, 'The Day the Crayons Came Home'.

Also, we are learning about oceans that explorers visited alongside our topic of 'Land Ahoy!'