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Class 4HP

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Welcome to 4HP.


Our teachers are Miss Hall and Miss Peverall.


Our teaching assistant is Mrs East.


We now have P.E. every Wednesday (remember kits!) and we are lucky to be learning the ukuleles every Monday afternoon with Mr Rooney.


Homework will be given out every Monday, which will be maths and spellings.  This needs to be brought back into school by Friday.  Reading as much as possible is still really important in Year 4.



We worked with Year 1 to create a brand of smoothies; make them, advertise them and sell them to try and make as much profit as we could.

Littlefoot Teambuilding

We were really excited to have Littlefoot back in to do some more teambuilding exercises with us.  Look at our photos of us using our skills to work together and complete the tasks set.

World's Largest Slide!

4th July Party

To celebrate what we have learnt during our Road Trip USA topic, we had an American Independence Day party filled with American games and food.

Have you seen the amazing American flag cake that Mrs East made for us?


Our topic this half-term will be 'Road Trip USA' so buckle up, sunglasses on - we're going on a road trip across the good old US of A!  The children will be exploring the sights and sounds of New York, use their map skills to navigate across the country and meet Native American tribes, with amazing customs and traditions. Hopefully, weather permitting, we will also enjoy a 4th of July party too!

Road Trip USA

Summer Term 2

Chester Zoo

We all had a wonderful day at Chester Zoo for research as part of our English work on balanced arguments.  Our argument was 'Should zoos be banned?'  We looked at the enclosures and habitats that the animals lived in and thought of for and against arguments.

Despite some rain, had a really fun day and loved looking at all the animals.  Some of our favourites were the rhinos, lions and cheetahs.  Most of us even braved the bat cave!  Can you spot the orangutan covering himself with a piece of cloth while it rained? Also, see if you can spot how exhausted some of us where at the end of the day...


Already in our topic we've looked at our teeth.  We've used disclosing tablets to look at plaque on our teeth and help each other with our brushing techniques.  We ate some healthy foods to discover what job each tooth has when we eat. And we have investigated the effects of different drinks (water, milk, orange juice (pure), blackcurrant squash, coke and vinegar) on our teeth - have a look at what these drinks did to the egg shells. We will remember to brush our teeth better now once we've drank some of these drinks!

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Open wide! This term we're on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside our bodies!  

We will be looking at how to keep our teeth healthy, testing the effects of sugary substances on our teeth, making models of our digestive systems and exploring whether beans really do have 'wind power'!


Our English topic is playscripts.  We have been looking at the familiar story of Little Red Riding Hood and adapting it into a playscript by adding scene descriptions, stage directions and character dialogue.  We have also enjoyed performing them too!

Littlefoot Team-building

We were lucky enough to have Littlefoot in again to work with us on some team-building exercises.  Look at our photos to see what we did and how much fun we had taking part!

Anglo-Saxon Villages

We researched what Anglo-Saxon villages were like, what they had in them and what the houses were made from.

We then designed and created our own Anglo-Saxon village, complete with farm!

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Traders and Raiders

This half term, we will be exploring what happened in Britain after the Romans left.  The children will be finding out about the Anglo Saxons; how and where they settled and, discovering the truth about the Viking invaders. 



On Monday 6th February, we had an exciting afternoon of storytelling.  We were extremely lucky to have a visit from John Birch, an amazing storyteller, who brought with him bags of weird and wonderful props. Using everyday objects, we created magical stories by changing the objects into story prompts. For example: a spoon was a mirror and a toy ball scoop was a unicorn's horn!  John was very impressed with our imaginative storytelling and we had great fun too!

An Ocean Adventure


We were so excited to have Google Expeditions in recently. We went on an Ocean Safari where we went deep into the oceans and seas seeing sea creatures such as: sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, whale sharks and even a great white shark!  It felt like we really were part of the ocean (apart from staying dry!)

Blue Abyss

Our topic this half term is ‘Blue Abyss’. We will be going deep into an underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures. We will be writing persuasive texts based on the Great Barrier Reef, creating an under the sea art display and exploring the deepest, darkest depths of some of the world’s largest oceans.



4HP were proud to be the class to lead the Christingle assembly in church before Christmas.  We worked hard at learning our lines in a very short time and enjoyed performing to Key Stage 2 and our parents.

Military School

For the last three weeks, we have enjoyed having visitors from the Military School. They were teaching us team-building exercises and life skills.  We had lots of fun taking part in different activities.

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We have been investigating sound in our science lessons this half term. We investigated how sound is made with different equipment and which materials were best at muffling sound.

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Merseyside Police Visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Merseyside Police this week.  They explained about the role of a police officer and the different jobs they do in the community and the city.  Miss Peverall tried on the riot uniform!

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I am Warrior!

This is our first topic this year, learning all about the Romans.  We were really excited to take part in a Roman battle as our engagement task.

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