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Teacher - Mrs C Seal  

Teaching Assistant - Mrs V O'Toole





This term our topic is Allotment and Beast Creator.We shall be learning all about plants and insects. We shall be working outside in the garden area at school to plant lots of different vegetables. We shall study their life cycles and explore pollination and germination. Lots of plants need a pollinator to make sure seeds can grow so we will also look at some of the insects found in the UK. Why don't you have a trip to the World Museum in Liverpool to have a look at some of their insects? They have drawers and drawers of butterflies and beetles. Just don't show Mrs Seal any cockroaches as she has a phobia of them!


We shall be reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo for English and writing reports on mini-beasts.


In Maths we shall be reminding ourselves about rounding, multiplication, division and percentages.


We shall also be learning about puberty. A letter to explain his will be on its way soon.


Please make sure your child has a water bottle in school everyday and a hat when/if it gets hot.

Spring 2


This term our topic is Scream Machine!. We shall be looking at how fairground rides work: using rotation, pendulums, pulleys and centripetal force. We will design our own fairground rides and then make them using wood and pulley systems. If you go near a fairgound ride, why don't you look carefully at how they work.


Littlefoot Team Building


It was our turn for Littlefoot today. We had to complete lots of listening activities.


Making Fairground Rides


We have learnt so much through our fairground project! We designed our own fairground ride using rotation, pulleys or pendulums. First we had to make a frame using wood cut to size and attach it together using wood glue. We had to work as a team to make sure we completed our project before the end of term. Have a look at our models - they are excellent.


Visit to Liverpool University


Today we went to Liverpool University to explore their newly installed mini-aquarium. Some of the university students have set it up to study the local wildlife found in the River Mersey. The children were able to look closely at the starfish, crabs and flatfish. It was a great morning!


Persuasive Poster


We used Picollage to design and make a poster to persuade you to visit our theme parks. Would you visit these theme parks?

Spring 1


This term our topic is Pharaohs. We shall be exploring life in Ancient Egyptian times, looking at hieroglyphics, how to make a mummy, the River Nile, and of course, Pharaohs. Do you want to see a real mummy? Then go along to the Liverpool World Museum. 


Church Visit


Today we visited St Mary's Church Walton. We had a talk by the Rector who told us all about the churches history and how people use the place to worship God. If you go to the church can you spot the 4 gospels in the stained glass?

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18.01.17 Papyrus making and hieroglyphics

18.01.17 Papyrus making and hieroglyphics 1
18.01.17 Papyrus making and hieroglyphics 2
18.01.17 Papyrus making and hieroglyphics 3
18.01.17 Papyrus making and hieroglyphics 4

9.1.17 Google Expedition


To kick start our topic about Pharaohs, we went on an exploration of the pyramids in Egypt using Google Expeditions. It was very exciting and a little scary - especially The Sphinx which took us all by surprise!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

The Sphinx

The Sphinx 1

Autumn 2


This term our topic is Stargazers. We shall be learning all about space, rockets and insulation. Don't forget to have a look up at the night sky to see if you can see the moon, any stars or maybe the international space station! Can you spot Venus or Jupiter? GoSkyWatch is a great app to study the stars and planets.

20.12.16 Rockets


Today we set off our rockets. Mrs Seal got really wet!



Still image for this video


Still image for this video
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1.11.16 Fire Service Visit

Autumn 1

This term we are learning all about the Tudors - 'Off with her head!'


We have PE on Thursdays and swimming on Fridays. Don't forget your kit.


Please make sure your child has a clear water bottle in school everyday especially as it's so hot at the moment!


Reading books go home every night. Please sign the reading record when you have heard your child read. You can also talk about the story and ask questions about what is going on in the story.

18.10.16 Littlefoot Team Building

29.9.16 Professor Fluffy - What would you study at university?