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Leaver's Cathedral Service 

On Tuesday, the children visited Liverpool Cathedral for transition workshops and also their leaver's service. We had a fantastic day. The workshops included: hopes and fears for high school, high school survival skills, a tour of the cathedral and a singing workshop. Then, in the afternoon, we celebrated our time in Primary School and looked forward to our new adventure in high school. It was a lovely day!


This week we have had James Riley visit us to talk to us about GANGS. His programme is called Get Away N Get Safe. He has discussed gangs, victims, joint enterprise and advice for people who are thinking about joining a gang. He has been absolutely brilliant and the children have absolutely loved each and every one of his sessions. Congratulations to Riley for winning the £20 JD Gift Voucher, for his behaviour, participation and fantastic, mature attitude throughout the whole week. Thank you James!

Mexican Fiesta Party 

To celebrate the end of SATS, children asked if we could have a Mexican Fiesta party. So we ate lots of Mexican food. It was delicious!!!! 

Celebrating SATs are over!

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Heidi and Emily

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The children have been working so hard revising for their SATS over the last few months. I am very proud of all they have achieved and their dedication they have shown. This week we are having a SATS competition week with lots of different games and competitions to settle and relax the children before next week.


Don't forget the SATs Breakfast club next week. We really advise that all children come to the FREE club and get a nice, chilled breakfast with their friends. Children can come in from 8:15am. Attached below is a copy of the letter sent home about the breakfast club and the testing timetable.  

Our New Topic : Hola Mexico!


This whole term is Mexico. We have already done a lot of research about Mexico creating digital mind maps with Mrs Mack. They have wrote a leaflet persuading people to go to Mexico giving lots of description about the countries' cuisine, top destinations and festivals. The children have created some wonderful leaflets. 


6CL also have made beautiful (yet scary!) Day of the Dead masks which they will be writing instructions for. Can't wait to get to the eating part of the topic!!!! 

Google Expedition 

We were so excited to have Google Expeditions in recently. We went on an Antarctica Adventure where we travelled to the most southern point on Earth. The children got to see Leopard Seals, Gentoo Penguins and lots of glaciers. It felt like we really were part of the Antarctic but better as we were still nice and warm! Thank you Google. 

Spring 1 

This half term our topic is, 'Frozen Kingdom'. We will be working lots on the two polar regions, Artic and Antarctica. We will be doing lots of geography work and also looking at adaptation, inheritance and evolution in Science. In English, we will be writing a character description, a persuasive argument and an explanation. We will be revising a lot in Maths covering lots of different topics, including percentages, decimals and ratio and proportion.

Spot Alfie! 

For toy day on the last day, Alfie decided to bring in his ghillie suit to wear! We went around the entire school trying to disguise him and entertain all the other children. He became somewhat of a celebrity in Arnot St Mary. Everyone wanted hugs and pictures with 'Mouldy Spaghetti Man'. 

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Christmas Festivities 

The children have had a lovely last week in school this week. They have performed their final Christmas play in which they all did brilliantly. We also had a lot of fun at the Christmas disco where we played lots of games and danced till we dropped. Then, we have had our Christingle Service in the Church led by Year 4. And finally, lots of Christmas selfies with our Photo Booth props. I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing Christmas. 

Blood Heart 

Over this half term, we completed lots of work on the Heart. First, we worked on some art and the children recreated their own individual version of the heart using lots of different artistic techniques such as: water colours, acrylic paints, chalk, oil pastels, collaging, sketching and 3D techniques. The children all created a heart which was personal to them and the results were really effective. 


Forgiveness Week : Daisy Chains

During forgiveness week, 3AN and 6CL got together to watch a lovely animated film clip called, Daisy Chain (link below). We discussed the film all together as a family and how Buttercup coped with the other children who were not being particularly nice to her. The children really loved the film clip and using this our Year 6's helped the Year 3's to create their own daisies. Using these, we then created a lovely display outside our classrooms of a daisy chain. 

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Daisy Chain - Animated Film narrated by Kate Winslet

Military School 

This term, we were lucky to have Military school working with us for three sessions. We learnt all about the core values of the army, the human body and then we got to play team building games together. Also, for our final session Military School brought in an inflatable assault course for the children to attempt. The children absolutely loved it and Miss Leech even had a go!! 

Remembrance Assembly

The children did us extremely proud in our Remembrance Assembly. It was a very thought-provoking assembly and really got us to think about why we wear a poppy to help us to remember people who have served our country in many wars. The children did brilliantly and they got to have tea and coffee with our visitors afterwards. It was really nice to see them interacting with them so well. Well done Year 6!

Long Division

We have started to progress onto really difficult Year 6 Maths and the children have done absolutely brilliantly so far. We have conquered short division and now we are all moving on t long division. We are doing a lot of practical activities with post it notes to help us to understand the method completely. So far so good!! 

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Fire Safety

The children received a visit from the fire brigade this week with Bonfire Night coming up. The chief officer did an assembly for all the children talking about how to stay safe around fireworks and bonfires. All of the children were very impressive with everything they already knew. Then, Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to go and visit the Fire Engine. The children got to go inside, work the hose and try on the helmets. Thank you very much!

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Autumn 2

Welcome back after half term break. We have a lot to look forward to this term, especially of the Christmas celebrations. Our topic this half term is 'Blood Heart' and it is going to be very interesting, we will be doing a lot of science work this half term including some very gory experiments!! 


WE WON THE WAR!! The children worked really hard all week to create a wonderful party for us to celebrate Europe winning the war. Thanks to all their work we had lots of decorations, lots of rationed food, games and absolutely fantastic outfits. Thank you to all of our parents as well as this could not have happened without your help. The children looked amazing and we had an absolutely fantastic afternoon. 

British Legion Visitor

Yesterday, Alan from the British Legion came to visit the children to chat to them all about his experiences of WW2. He brought in artefacts for the children to see and he had the most fascinating stories. Alan came to this school as a child and so he had some very interesting stories including the time he walked to school and saw a WW2 bomb attached to a parachute hanging from our bell tower. The children thoroughly enjoyed the talk, so much so they didn't want to go home (and neither did I!). Thank you so much Alan, we hope to see you again. 

Computing with MGL 

For this whole half term, we have been really lucky as we have been able to work with Mrs Mack to work with Micro bits. The children have been worked with the programming side and now they are starting to create and plan their own Micro Bit project. They will start making it next week and I am so excited to see their final projects. 

Battle of Britain 

Today, we played a game to start to understand the Battle of Britain. Our mats were aircrafts and we used sports balls as ammunition. The children had to hit an aircraft three times to destroy a German aircraft. We also had a navy ship (scooter!!!) collecting ammunition for the British aircrafts. Of course, Britain won! 

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Food Rationing


This week, we have used our DT skills to prepare and cook food which would have been available for children during the war time. We looked at the different foods which were rationed and then used these to create both a Woolton Pie and an Eggless Sponge Cake. The children did very well and some of them actually enjoyed the food!!! 


How to send a coded message? 


Our 'Love to Investigate' science unit this half term is called, 'How to send a coded message?' It is all linked with our unit of World War Two. The children will be learning how to create their own switch in order to create their own electronic Morse Code machine. We have already looked at Morse Code and now we are beginning to look at the science behind the machines. We tested materials for electrical conductivity so that we can make a good decision about which materials to use to create our own switch. Then, we have now started to draw our own circuits, and plan what our switches may look like. It is a very exciting unit and I am excited to see the children's final product. 

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Evacuation Afternoon


Children were given a brown paper bag to pack over the weekend as if they were going to be evacuated. I would like to thank you for your help with this. They all brought in their possessions and we discussed exactly why they decided on these items. It was really lovely and very touching to see so many family photographs. 


Welcome to 6CL


A huge welcome back from what I hope was a fantastic summer holiday! It is so nice to see everyone back and nice to meet our new children in our class. 


Your class teacher is Miss Leech and your teaching assistant is Miss Jones. If you need to speak to us about anything or have any problems, please let us know at the end of the day. 


This term we are doing, 'A Child's War'. We will be learning a lot about WW2 and trying to empathise children during this time. It is going to a very interesting half term. 


Children still need to be reading every evening at home and bringing in their reading book every day. Children will receive a reward every time they read at home. Please make sure you sign their record if you hear them read. It would also be brilliant if you could ask questions about what they are reading or have a discussion about it. 


Homework will be given out on a Monday to be returned by Friday, and then a small arithmetic task will be handed out on a Friday to be returned by Monday. Homework is very important as it consolidates every thing we are doing in class. Children will also receive a reward when homework is returned. 


Year 6 Team

Year 6 Team 1 Miss Leech
Year 6 Team 2 Miss Jones
Year 6 Team 3 Miss Oakes
Year 6 Team 4 Mrs Rankin