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Hola Mexico!

Our new topic 'Hola Mexico' is well underway and so far we have written leaflets to persuade people to visit, designed our own day of the dead masks and this week we made our own Aguas Frescas - a delicious Mexican fruit smoothie. Our class have written some fantastic instructions to help you make your own. 

Google Expeditions

We spent time today exploring the Antarctic! With the help of Google Expeditions, we were able to explore amazing places from our own classroom. 

Safer Internet Day

This week we have been finding out all about how to stay safe online. We have spent time talking about how to stay safe and in Year 6 e have written our own safety guides to inform people how to stay safe. We were very interested to find out about age limits on social networking sites and we now understand lots about the importance of not sharing personal information online. 

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Blood Heart

To start our new topic - Blood Heart - we made our own blood samples! We had fun mixing different liquids to demonstrate the different layers that blood has in it. It got very messy too!

Remembrance Day

This week Year 6 helped our whole school to understand why we wear a poppy on remembrance day.They all did us very proud with their excellent assembly and loved every minute of meeting our special visitors afterwards. 

VE Day Celebrations


This week, we have been very busy in Year 6, planning a street party to celebrate the end of the second world war, The children worked very hard to put together lots of decorations and games to make the afternoon a lot of fun. A huge thank you to all of our parents who helped to make our party a success too!  The amount of extra decorations, rationed food and of course your fantastic outfits, really made our street party one to remember. 

British Legion Visitor

Last week we welcomed Alan from the British Legion into our school. Alan was a student at Arnot Street during World War 2 and was keen to come into school to talk to our children all about what it was like to be a child at our school during the war. He spoke to us all afternoon and shared some really exciting and interesting stories. It was amazing to listen to him and most of us didn't want it to end. Alan brought lots of interesting artefacts with him that he collected as a child, including his own gas mask! Thank you so much for coming to visit us Alan, we hope to see you again!

MGL Computing

This half term we have been very lucky to work with MGL every Friday. We have been finding out about micro-bits and have just begun designing our own...

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Battle of Britain

To help us to understand why the Battle of Britain began we split ourselves into 2 groups (The German Luftwaffe and The British RAF) and acted out a game. It really helped us to see how the RAF and navy worked together to defeat the German army during this battle. 

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Rationing during WWII

This week we have been finding out about rationing during World War 2. We looked at some wartime recipes and had a lot of fun preparing and eating the food. Some of us had extra helpings!

Sending a coded message

In science we have been finding out about electricity and how to build a circuit. We have been testing different materials to see if they conduct electricity and have begun to design and make our own switches, which will help us to send a coded message via Morse code. 

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Evacuation Afternoon

The children were all given a brown paper bag to pack as if they were being evacuated. During our evacuation afternoon, we spent time looking at the items that the children had brought in and discussing what it might have been like o be evacuated during World War 2. Thank you to all parents who helped their child to pack their bag, it was lovey to see how many children had made the effort to bring items in. It was also lovely to see so many items that meant a lot to the children.

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Welcome back!


A huge welcome back from what I hope was a fantastic summer holiday! It is so nice to see everyone back and nice to meet our new children in our class. 


Your class teacher is Miss Oakes and your teaching assistant is Mrs Rankin. If you need to speak to us about anything or have any problems, please let us know at the end of the day. 


This term we are doing, 'A Child's War'. We will be learning a lot about WW2 and trying to empathise children during this time. It is going to a very interesting half term. 


Children still need to be reading every evening at home and bringing in their reading book every day. Children will receive a reward every time they read at home. Please make sure you sign their record if you hear them read. It would also be brilliant if you could ask questions about what they are reading or have a discussion about it. 


Homework will be given out on a Monday to be returned by Friday, and then a small arithmetic task will be handed out on a Friday to be returned by Monday. Homework is very important as it consolidates every thing we are doing in class. Children will also receive a reward when homework is returned. 

Year 6 Team
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