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Week Commencing 3rd July - Week 5

This week we have been learning about the butterfly life cycle following the children's interests. We read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and made caterpillars using playdough. 

For 'Health and Well-Being' week, we learned about healthy food and how exercise has an impact on our bodies. For snack on Friday we tasted all the different fruit that the very hungry caterpillar ate in the story. The strawberries were a big hit!

Star of the Week - Well Done Holly!

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Week Commencing 26th June - Week 4

This week, the children have been developing their physical skills in our Circus Role Play Area. They have been throwing hoops, dancing with ribbons, juggling, balancing and riding our pedalling bike. We have read 'The Sport's Day' story and learned about different races - egg and spoon race, bean bag race, wheelbarrow race and the sack race. We wanted to try these out ourselves but the rain got the better of us!  

For our counting activities, we have been focusing on how we can race in different ways - hopping, skipping, running, walking and jogging and thinking about ordinal numbers  - 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 

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Week commencing 19th June - Week 3

The children have enjoyed a baking week this week based on some of the children's interests. We talked about good hand hygiene and focused on rolling the pastry with a rolling pin and cutting a circle shape using a cutter. They have made some jam tarts - I hope they were delicious! 

Our class circus opened this week, which the children have loved. We are still thinking about developing our physical skills to link with our Cornerstones theme. 

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The Tortoise and the Hare Fairy Tale by Oxbridge Baby

Watch the Tortoise and the Hare Fairy Tale now.

Star of the Week - Well Done Fazaa!

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Week commencing 12th June - Week 2
What a busy week in Nursery. We have had a lovely time in the water tray developing our fine motor skills. We have had water beads in the water and the children have been using tweezers to pick them up. We have also been learning how to use pegs by pegging pairs of socks onto a washing line. The children have promised to help with the socks at home now!!
Our Star of the Week - Well done Lucy! 
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Summer Term 2

Week Commencing 5th June - Week 1


This week, we have been…

Thinking about our new Cornerstones theme—How high can I jump?

We read a story written by Mo Farah called ‘Ready, Steady Mo’. We looked at pictures of Mo Farah and found out some information about him. The children loved doing the ‘Mobot’!

We completed an obstacle course outdoors to help us think about the different ways that we can move—jump, crawl, roll, climb, hop, run , jog, skip. 


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Our Star of the Week - Well done Nathan! 

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Reminder - We finish for Half Term on Friday 26th May for 1 week.

INSET DAY Monday 5th June.

Return to School on Tuesday 6th June. Nursery closed on Thursday 8th June for Election Day.

Week Commencing 22nd May - week 5

What a busy end to our last week of this half term. The children have been busy creating their very own space rocket using boxes, paint, glue, tinfoil and sequins. When they were dry we took them outdoors to zoom off to space just like Baby Bear did in 'Whatever Next'. 

To finish our half term, we had a special story with our teddies and our Key Person. As a treat, we enjoyed marshmallows as we were listening to our story. 

We enjoyed the lovely, hot sunshine as much as we could but we couldn't stay out very long due to the risk of skin damage. Please can I ask that children apply sun cream before coming to school and that they bring with them a sunhat and sunglasses when we are forecast hot weather. 

Many thanks to all our parents/carers for your continued support.

Enjoy your half term break!






Week Commencing 15th May - Week 4


In Nursery this week we have been continuing to investigate light in our fabulous dark den. Thank you to Amelia for bringing in your torch from home. 

We have been reading 'Whatever Next' and 'Peace at Last' this week and the children thought it would be a great idea to make their own space rocket....any spare boxes at home (any size) would be great for the children for next week please!

Week Commencing 8th May - Week 3


This week Nursery have been busy being Artists. Linked to our theme - 'What is a shadow?' we have been looking at Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. The children looked at the different features of his painting and used different painting techniques to create their own. 

Van Gogh's Starry Night
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Nursery have been busy making music outdoors, writing messages in the camping area, building tall towers in the Construction Area, reading our favourite stories, playing with bubble bath in the tough spot tray and practising our cutting skills. 

Week Commencing 1st May - Week 2


This week the children have continued to investigate shadows. We thought about some questions - 'What is a shadow?' 'How are shadows made?' 'Can we catch our shadow?' 'Does everything have a shadow?'

We went on a shadow hunt in the lovely sunshine and tried to answer our questions.

Lacey said - "A shadow is a black shape." 

Nicholas said - "The trees have shadows."

Daisie said - "Everybody in whole world has a shadow."

Jasmine said - "Bikes have shadows."


Next week we are asking children to bring in their own torches so that we can develop our knowledge of shadows further by creating silhouettes. Please put your child's name on their torch. Thank you. 

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Summer Term

Week Commencing 24th April - Week 1


What a busy 1st week back we have had in Nursery. Our Role play area has been changed into 'camping' based on the children's interests. We started our new cornerstones theme 'What is a shadow?' and the children have been investigating shadows outdoors (when the sun has made a slight appearance!!)

During P.E this week children had the opportunity to climb on apparatus in the hall. They all did fabulous climbing so high!

We have also talked about night and day time which we will focus on more next week. 

Some children have been exploring different prints using paint and exploring colour mixing.


Reminder - School closed on Monday 1st May and Nursery is closed on Thursday 4th May

Happy Easter!


We will see you all after the break on Monday 24th April, when our new topic will be

"What is a shadow?"  

Tesco Visit-Morning session

Many thanks to Julie and our friends at Tesco for helping us to learn so much about healthy eating! We also really enjoyed tasting the fruit we had seen afterwards and having a go on the checkouts!

Afternoon Music with Miss Francesca!

World Book Day

Thanks to the children who brought in- and read to the class- their favourite books! We were so impressed with how confident and amazing they were! Keep on reading!

Healthy Snack Session


Many thanks to all the grown -ups who were able to make our fabulous morning 'fruit pot' making session such a huge success. We all had a wonderful time!


Some of our lovely comments included-

"One of the best ideas ever! We loved it!"

"My child tried pineapple when he usually won't!"

"Very informative over the cereals and snacks too."

"The session went very well. Keep it up!"


We certainly will! Our topic question next term is -

'Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast?' Cutting up fruit!

China Town visit for our Afternoon children!

Chinese New Year!

Many thanks to Katie's Mum and Dad who came into school this week to write Chinese calligraphy for us!

Music Sessions

We have been having lots of fun with Miss Francesca and our grown ups from home on Thursdays!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! We are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.


This term, we will be learning all about our Cornerstones topic-

'How many colours in a rainbow?'

 Amelia and Lacey were making rainbows and Isabel got a rainbow Troll scooter for Christmas!

We will be asking children to bring in colour objects from home which can be put on our colour table.

We will also be learning about the artist, Kandinsky.

 'People  who help us'

We were delighted when our Police friends Kelly and Paul came to visit this week. We found out lots of things - and even had a chance to try on uniforms!


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Newsletter and 'Homework' ideas 18th November

Pinnochio Pantomine!

Still image for this video

Pinnochio Pantomime!

Pinnochio Pantomime! 1
Pinnochio Pantomime! 2
Pinnochio Pantomime! 3
Pinnochio Pantomime! 4
Pinnochio Pantomime! 5
Pinnochio Pantomime! 6
Pinnochio Pantomime! 7
Pinnochio Pantomime! 8

FS1 Homework and Newsletter 11th November

We've been working like the artist, Jackson Pollock!

We've been working like the artist, Jackson Pollock! 1
We've been working like the artist, Jackson Pollock! 2
We've been working like the artist, Jackson Pollock! 3
We've been working like the artist, Jackson Pollock! 4
We've been working like the artist, Jackson Pollock! 5
We've been working like the artist, Jackson Pollock! 6

Music and Movement Session!

Reminder- Breakfast cookery session

Wednesday 9th November at 9am.

Please stay and make a healthy snack with your child!

Welcome back!


Have a lovely half term!

We will be  back on Monday 31st October.

Next term we will be having lots of different events where you can stay including 

Music and Movement sessions on  Thursday 3rd November at 9.15


Healthy Breakfast cookery on Wednesday 9th November at 9.00

We hope you will be able to make it! Please let a member of staff know if you can.



21 October 'Homework' ideas

Puppy visit!

Many thanks to Nathan for suggesting we learn about baby animals.  Because of this, puppy Leo came to visit! We had a lovely time learning all about him!

Pupils' voice and parent questionnaires

Thank you to everyone who returned their questionnaires. We have had a lovely time reading all of your positive comments and are looking forward to trying to learn about all of the things the children are interested in- including:

'playing football...reading...animals...where the wind comes ...jumping'.

Nursery Staff

Nursery Staff 1 Miss Nelson- Nursery Practitioner
Nursery Staff 2 Mrs Wagner- Nursery Practitioner
Nursery Staff 3 (Supply) Class teacher
Nursery Staff 4 Teaching assistant
Nursery Staff 5 Assistant head teacher
Nursery Staff 6 Nurture teacher


We are so excited about welcoming you into Nursery this term!


We will be having a wonderful time learning lots of new things, based around our topic of 'Why do you love me so much?'  


Please could you start looking for few photographs of your child as a baby or with their family to help us start a display as soon as possible. (We promise to return them safely after we have copied them and would request that you put them in a named envelope to ensure their safety.)


Many thanks!

Welcome back!

School will start on the 19th September for our N2 pupils. The times are as follows:


AM session- 8:30-11:30 (Doors open at 11:20)