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P.     Parents

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F.      Friends

       A.     Association.


All parents are very welcome to attend the PTFA meetings, to offer their services and time.

If you would like to attend and help please contact a member for the date and time of the next meeting.

The current members are: 

Chairperson- Vacant 

Vice chair person - Samantha Rugen

Treasurer - Diane Cavanagh, 

Secretary - Liz Lawton  

Active Members - Joanne Francis, Suzanne Hulme, Donna Hunt, Laura Hughes, Kim McKenzie, Wendy Wagner, Sarah Nelson.  

Members - Fiona Roper, Dan Paton .


Film Night

Years 2 and 3.


Film Night is this coming Wednesday 21st March.

Book your seats as there are limited places.

A donation of £2:50 per seat.

A film, a drink, a slice of pizza and either crisp or popcorn.


Look forward to seeing you there.

Film Night

Years 2 and 3.


Coming this month on Wednesday 21st March will be a film night for years 2 and 3.


The children will be receiving letters with the booking form attached very soon, watch out for them. If you lose them some will be put into the office but you could always write your child's name and class name on an envelope and seal the £2-50 donation inside and send that in (this is not a problem). Tickets will be issued near the date of the film.


For the required donation of £2-50 you child will be able to watch a film, have a drink, either a bag of crisps and a slice of pizza.

The children will be given a choice of films to watch, they will choose.


Film Night starts a half past three (straight from school) until around 5:15, the children will be collected from the playground hall doors by an adult.  



Laura Hughes.

Easter Bingo


At the last committee meeting the majority of members voted not to have a Easter Bingo this term and also not to have a bingo next term but will try to organise a Race Night. 


More information relating to the Race Night will follow.....



Laura Hughes

Film Night

Years 4, 5 and 6.

 Only 17 children signed up for this fundraiser so unfortunately we had to cancel it, all money donated has been returned.

Thank you so much to those who did book.


Every fundraising event that we organise, letters are given to the classes involved so that every child in those classes can take one home for an adult to sign and send in the required donation.


Wednesday 7th February 2018.

3:30 until 5:15.

Years: 4, 5 and 6.


PTFA are hosting a film night on the above date.

For a £2-50 donation you can reserve a place for your child which will include a film, a drink, either a packet of crisps or popcorn and a slice of pizza.

Places are limited so get your reservation in as soon as you can. 

Children must be picked up by 5:15, or if you wish your child to walk home you must provide a letter giving your permission for the PTFA to allow them to go.







Film Night


The next film night will be in February and will be for years 4, 5 and 6.


Watch out for the posters.

Friday 8th December 2017


Doors open at 7pm

Eyes Down 7:30 ish

Bring your own drink and snack


we will provide a glass.


Heads and tails


Rock and Roll Bingo


Fab Prizes


Entrance tickets £2:50


the chance of a door prize.


Film Night

for years 2 and 3


There are still places available for the film night

this Wednesday 8th November.

Cost:  a donation of £2:50 per child.

As it is getting cold we thought that the children may like a slice of pizza with their crisp/ popcorn and drink.

We will entertain your children straight from end of school until 5pm when the gates to the yard will be opened to allow the children to be collected from the playground.

Many thanks for your support.


All donations will go towards the extra things that the school does not provide.( selection boxes, photo's with Santa, Easter eggs, the ingredients for each child to make a Christingle, Christmas Disco and Year 6 leavers disco. Also donations towards trips so parents pay less.)


Cupcake Sale Number 2

Friday 4th November.


Many thanks to everyone who donated cakes for a second time it was a great success and when Mrs Cavanagh has counted the takings on Friday we will be able to let you know how much you have all helped to raise for your children.

Thank you so much to Donna Hunt who set up for us, also thank you to all the staff who helped with the sale and the cleaning up at the end of the sale.

A Big Thank you 


  • to all who donated to the cupcake sale

  • to all who came and made purchases

  • to everyone helped to pull the event together

  • to Tesco for their kind donation especially Julie who organised the donation 

  • and thank you to Mrs Roper for allowing us to use the hall.


On Friday we were blown away with your generosity as we took over £200 of your lovely money.


the good news is....

We have quite a few cakes left over, enough to have another sale the week we are back in school . Watch out for the notice!


Once again, thank you so much.

Next Meeting:


7th November 2017

3:30 pm

All are welcome.

If you are interested in giving a hand let us know or just turn up at the meeting which will be held in the staff room.

Film Night

Years 2 and 3.

Wednesday 8th November 2017.


For a donation of £2:50 we will reserve a seat for your child.

Included in the donation will be a drink,

a choice of crisps or popcorn,

and a slice of pizza.

Film night starts straight from  the end of school until 5pm.

Children must be collected from the playground, the playground gates will be closed until 10 minutes to and 5 minutes to 5pm for the schools safety.


Cupcake and Jelly sale:

Friday 20th October

3:30 pm

From the school hall.


A letter will be sent home asking for donations for this sale.


Film Night 

Years 4, 5 and 6.

What a super Night

Many thanks to the children who attended the film night, we are grateful for your support with our fundraising efforts.

The children were superbly behaved and were a credit to you all.

The children loved the film, 

for their snack they had:

a soft drink,

either crisp or popcorn


for the first time we tried them with a slice of pizza

which they all loved.

Once again many thanks for your support


Next PTFA Meeting.

The next meeting of the PTFA will be on 2nd October at half past three.


If you would like to join the committee


lend a hand at events let the PTFA know.

Film Night

Years 4, 5 and 6.

4th October 2017.

The PTFA are organising a film night for years 4,5 and 6 on the above night, A donation will be required  of £2-50 to confirm your seat.

Each child will receive a drink and a snack whilst they are with us.

We need a reasonable amount of supporters to make this event a success.

Seating is limited.

If we do not receive enough donations this event cannot take place and all donations may have to be refunded.


Thanking you,



Year 6 Leavers Disco.


Every year your PTFA fund the year 6 leavers disco and this year is no exception.


We have provided: a disco, drinks, food, games, a key ring memento, a cupcake memento and huge amounts of fun. 

A good night was had by all.

Well done to all the staff that stayed and helped. no

Below are all the pictures taken on the night.


Raffle Prize Winners


George  Class 5CL

Harvey Class 5JO

Abigail Class 1DBM

Muhilashi Class 4PD

Jason Class Rec LM

Heidi Class 5CL

Kiera Class 4GD

Kaitlyn Class 4PD

Radu Class Rec ES

Ayomide Class 1KH

Kieran Class 3HMC

Mia Class 2LS

Laura Class 3HMC

Tegan Class 2LS

Jack Class 3AN


Mia Class 4PD.

Well done to all who purchased raffle tickets

 and thank you so much

to the ladies who sold the raffle tickets.

​We raised £63.




Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that the PTFA are in the process of setting up a twitter page as an alternative way to introduce any fundraising events as they get close to the dates. Also look for the PTFA events page on facebook.

Hoping that you will all sign up to it.


Laura Hughes.

Bonus Ball for 2015/16.

Hi all,

The National Lottery is changing which means another 10  numbers have been added to the bonus ball.

The knock on effect is that I have another 10 numbers plus the year 6 leavers vacant numbers that need to be allocated to parents.

Having the extra numbers and getting them filled means that the prize will swell also.

Please support your children. It will cost £1 per number for the 40 weeks between 3rd of October and 2nd July.

Let the PTFA have your details and we will allocate you a vacant number.

Many Thanks for your continued support.

Bonus Ball.

Thank you for all your support for this fundraiser. 

The last bonus ball for this academic year will take place on 4th July 2015 to ensure all due money is paid before we break up for the summer holiday.

The PTFA appreciate the support you have given.

The bonus ball will start up again in October so if you already have a number and would like to keep that same number please let me know as soon as possible to enable this to happen.

In October there will be an added 10 numbers to the lottery to fill. If you would like to join the bonus ball for the first time please let me know so that this can be arranged as when the year 6 move to their new school some numbers will become available.

Your commitment to this will be to be prepared to pay £1 each week until next July ( 40 weeks) (including the holidays between) (you could pay monthly) and to ensure that you pay your fee before the draw which will take place on a Saturday. With the total numbers swelling the prize will also swell.

If you are late with your payment and your number comes up you could forfeit your winnings.

Please support this fundraiser.

Coming Events.

School Summer Fayre:

Friday: 26th June.


Who likes burgers and hot dogs?


come to this event and

enjoy one (or maybe 2).


Lots of stalls are being organised for this event, which will include things like: white elephant, tombola, books, cakes, bottle game, spin a number, roll a 10p, hook a duck and lots, lots more.

So parents come along and enjoy yourselves and maybe go home at the end of the event with some prizes.


Over the next few weeks we will be asking for donations of things for the white elephant stall, a tin stall,  bottles (shampoo, perfume, juice, wine etc., used toys stall, tombola prizes and lastly cakes,

but wait for us to ask for the items before sending them in as storage space is limited.


We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Children's Raffle Winners:

This is a super long list of winners, well done everyone

and thank you for supporting the PTFA.


Jack Sullivan, Alyssa Fuller, Jack Canterbury, Yinning,

John Paul, Demianne Browning, Kira, Manisha Yates,

Chloe Ives, Joseph Fearon, Eve Formby, Amy Davies Hulme, Daniel Brady, Dynuhsheyaa, Harvey, John Paul,

George Francis Price, Daisy, Yinning,

Ryan Davison Reekie, Joseph Fearon, James Morris,

Ella Conway, Morgan Kenny, Harry Rawlinson, Roksana,

George Francis Price, Amy Davies Hulme, Kaitlyn Stow,

Grace Murphy, Ruby Magill, Anthony Carter, Yinning,

Lewis Hogarth, Dynuhsheyaa, Amy Sach, Paige Smith, Kyle Smith, Ella Conway, Makenzie Powell,

Connor White, Demianne Browning, Nicholas, John Paul.




Car boot/Table sale.

23rd May 2015.

Spaces cost £5 which is payable before the event.




£50 Ticket Prize

Thank you to Mrs. Roper for drawing the winning number for the entrance ticket prize. Ticket number 15 was pulled from the box. Congratulations to Suzanne Hulme the proud recipient of £50.

Race Night Roundup.

Race Night Prizes.

Many thanks to all who supported and attended the race night we hope you all had a super time. As we have said many times all money from fundraising goes towards the children and this money will buy each child in school an Easter egg. Once again thank you so much.

Prizes for the best owner and jockey are awarded as follows:


Race 1: Bella Mode Gold Cup.

Horse 1: Andy Murray.

Best Owner: Diane Cavanagh.

Best Jockey: Ronnie Cavanagh.


Race 2: Arnot St.Mary Handicap.

Horse 7: You Sexy Thing.

Best Owner: Ronnie Cavanagh.

Best Jockey: Anna Cavelle.


Race 3: Tesco Steeplechase.

Horse 1: Pointless.

Best Owner: Sheila Doran.

Best Jockey: Darren Hulme.


Race 4: Support Staff Challenge Cup.

Horse 6: Katie Perry.

Best Owner: Anne Gandy M.B.E.

Best Jockey: Elizabeth Keilty.


Race 5: Full Moon Dash.

Horse 7: King Kong.

Best Owner: S. Donlevy / Vicky Wilkes.

Best Jockey: Donna Pitman / Laura Hughes.


Race 6: Randy Raunchers Romp.

Horse 7: S Club 7.

Best Owner: Marinela Cozma.

Best Jockey: P. Donlevy.


Race 7: Archie Kearns Memorial Race.

Horse 5: Dr. No.

Best Owner: Donna Pitman.

Best Jockey: Amanda Sephton Duckworth.


Race 8: Midnight Romp.

Horse 6: Sky.

Best Owner: Mr. Edwards.

Best Jockey: Darren Hulme.


Race Night

      The school PTFA are organising a Race Night on the 20th March and the ticket price is £2-50 each.

      On the back of the entrance thicket is a number (which could be your lucky number) the holder of one of these numbers will be the lucky winner of a huge £50-00. You must have your ticket with you as this will be drawn on the night.


      The night will consist of 8 races with 8 horses in each race.


      We need people willing to be owners of the horses, each horse ownership will cost you £2-00. We need you to purchase as soon as possible as this must be in place before the race night.


      We need people willing to be jockeys for the horses, each jockey must pay £2-00  for this privilege. We need you to purchase as soon as possible as this must be in place before the race night.


      Each winning owner and winning jockey will receive a prize.


      We are looking for businesses to sponsor each race and the race they sponsor will be named after their business.  To sponsor a race means that you are willing to supply the prizes for the owner and the jockey of the winning horse.


      We will have a refreshment break during the night where you will provide your own liquid and food refreshments, we will provide you with a glass.


      After the racing is over we are providing a disco so you can let your hair down. 


      The evening will come to an end at 12:30 - 1pm.


      If we cannot fill the owner and jockey slots at least a week before the event it will unfortunately have to be cancelled.


Race Night

20th March 2015

Tickets will be £2:50.

We need Race Sponsors;




We need you to buy in to be an owner.

We need you to buy in to be a jockey.




A letter will be coming home shortly about this:




Reduced Prizes on the Bonus Ball


As most of you know by now some people with allocated numbers have failed to provide us with their £1's.


Slowly the cash is coming in and as it does I will be handing previous winners who had a reduced prize the extra cash to bring their winnings up to the agreed £30-00.


Thank you for your patience.


Laura Hughes.

Bonus Ball Fundraiser 2014


The PSFA have been trying to enrol 49 parents to participate in this fundraiser. To date we have only achieved 38 parents willing to support us. If we cannot fill our quota there are two ways to proceed:

1. cancel this altogether.

2. go ahead with the numbers that we have and any vacant numbers being called having the winnings held over to the following week. If we do go ahead this will mean a reduced prize will be offered.

 A decision will be made at the next PSFA meeting.

Staff Bonus Ball.

We have set up a seperate staff bonus ball and it has been running for 2 weeks and the numbers that have won so far are: 10 and 18.

Well done to the two winners.

100 Club

Sadly the PSFA have decided to discontinue with this fundraiser due to the dwindling support from parents which is now down to around 14 parents.  We would like to thank you for your continued support with this fundraiser.