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P.     Parents

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F.      Friends

       A.     Association.


All parents are very welcome to attend the PTFA meetings, to offer their services and time.

If you would like to attend and help please contact a member for the date and time of the next meeting.

The current members are: 

Chairperson- Alma Boulger, 

Vice chair person - Samantha Rugen

Treasurer - Diane Cavanagh, 

Secretary - Liz Lawton  

Active Members - Joanne Francis, Suzanne Hulme, Donna Hunt, Laura Hughes, Kim McKenzie, Wendy Wagner, Sarah Nelson.  

Members - Fiona Roper, Dan Paton .


Film Night

Years 2 and 3.


Film Night is this coming Wednesday 21st March.

Book your seats as there are limited places.

A donation of £2:50 per seat.

A film, a drink, a slice of pizza and either crisp or popcorn.


Look forward to seeing you there.

Film Night

Years 2 and 3.


Coming this month on Wednesday 21st March will be a film night for years 2 and 3.


The children will be receiving letters with the booking form attached very soon, watch out for them. If you lose them some will be put into the office but you could always write your child's name and class name on an envelope and seal the £2-50 donation inside and send that in (this is not a problem). Tickets will be issued near the date of the film.


For the required donation of £2-50 you child will be able to watch a film, have a drink, either a bag of crisps and a slice of pizza.

The children will be given a choice of films to watch, they will choose.


Film Night starts a half past three (straight from school) until around 5:15, the children will be collected from the playground hall doors by an adult.  



Laura Hughes.

Easter Bingo


At the last committee meeting the majority of members voted not to have a Easter Bingo this term and also not to have a bingo next term but will try to organise a Race Night. 


More information relating to the Race Night will follow.....



Laura Hughes

Film Night

Years 4, 5 and 6.

 Only 17 children signed up for this fundraiser so unfortunately we had to cancel it, all money donated has been returned.

Thank you so much to those who did book.


Every fundraising event that we organise, letters are given to the classes involved so that every child in those classes can take one home for an adult to sign and send in the required donation.


Wednesday 7th February 2018.

3:30 until 5:15.

Years: 4, 5 and 6.


PTFA are hosting a film night on the above date.

For a £2-50 donation you can reserve a place for your child which will include a film, a drink, either a packet of crisps or popcorn and a slice of pizza.

Places are limited so get your reservation in as soon as you can. 

Children must be picked up by 5:15, or if you wish your child to walk home you must provide a letter giving your permission for the PTFA to allow them to go.







Film Night


The next film night will be in February and will be for years 4, 5 and 6.


Watch out for the posters.

Happy New Year


Wishing everyone


Happy New Year

from the



and remember that school starts again

on the

8th January 2018.


be in line by 10 t0 9

and remember

the children can enter school from 8:40 a.m.

Friday 8th December 2017


Doors open at 7pm

Eyes Down 7:30 ish

Bring your own drink and snack


we will provide a glass.


Heads and tails


Rock and Roll Bingo


Fab Prizes


Entrance tickets £2:50


the chance of a door prize.


Film Night

for years 2 and 3


There are still places available for the film night

this Wednesday 8th November.

Cost:  a donation of £2:50 per child.

As it is getting cold we thought that the children may like a slice of pizza with their crisp/ popcorn and drink.

We will entertain your children straight from end of school until 5pm when the gates to the yard will be opened to allow the children to be collected from the playground.

Many thanks for your support.


All donations will go towards the extra things that the school does not provide.( selection boxes, photo's with Santa, Easter eggs, the ingredients for each child to make a Christingle, Christmas Disco and Year 6 leavers disco. Also donations towards trips so parents pay less.)


Cupcake Sale Number 2

Friday 4th November.


Many thanks to everyone who donated cakes for a second time it was a great success and when Mrs Cavanagh has counted the takings on Friday we will be able to let you know how much you have all helped to raise for your children.

Thank you so much to Donna Hunt who set up for us, also thank you to all the staff who helped with the sale and the cleaning up at the end of the sale.

A Big Thank you 


  • to all who donated to the cupcake sale

  • to all who came and made purchases

  • to everyone helped to pull the event together

  • to Tesco for their kind donation especially Julie who organised the donation 

  • and thank you to Mrs Roper for allowing us to use the hall.


On Friday we were blown away with your generosity as we took over £200 of your lovely money.


the good news is....

We have quite a few cakes left over, enough to have another sale the week we are back in school . Watch out for the notice!


Once again, thank you so much.

Next Meeting:


7th November 2017

3:30 pm

All are welcome.

If you are interested in giving a hand let us know or just turn up at the meeting which will be held in the staff room.

Film Night

Years 2 and 3.

Wednesday 8th November 2017.


For a donation of £2:50 we will reserve a seat for your child.

Included in the donation will be a drink,

a choice of crisps or popcorn,

and a slice of pizza.

Film night starts straight from  the end of school until 5pm.

Children must be collected from the playground, the playground gates will be closed until 10 minutes to and 5 minutes to 5pm for the schools safety.


Cupcake and Jelly sale:

Friday 20th October

3:30 pm

From the school hall.


A letter will be sent home asking for donations for this sale.


Film Night 

Years 4, 5 and 6.

What a super Night

Many thanks to the children who attended the film night, we are grateful for your support with our fundraising efforts.

The children were superbly behaved and were a credit to you all.

The children loved the film, 

for their snack they had:

a soft drink,

either crisp or popcorn


for the first time we tried them with a slice of pizza

which they all loved.

Once again many thanks for your support


Next PTFA Meeting.

The next meeting of the PTFA will be on 2nd October at half past three.


If you would like to join the committee


lend a hand at events let the PTFA know.

Film Night

Years 4, 5 and 6.

4th October 2017.

The PTFA are organising a film night for years 4,5 and 6 on the above night, A donation will be required  of £2-50 to confirm your seat.

Each child will receive a drink and a snack whilst they are with us.

We need a reasonable amount of supporters to make this event a success.

Seating is limited.

If we do not receive enough donations this event cannot take place and all donations may have to be refunded.


Thanking you,


Car Boot Sale

Thinking about the amount of publicity that we gave this event and that most stalls made a reasonable profit we were disappointed at the lack of support (even to just come and have a look around).

Many thank to everyone who had stalls and did come to peruse the goods.

Car Boot/ Table Sale:

1st July


We are organising a car boot sale on 1st July within the school car park.

Each plot cost will be £5-00with or without a car.

If you do not have your own table we will loan you a table for an extra £3 which will then bring your plot total to £8-00.

In the event of rain, we will transfer to inside the main school hall ( anyone who has paid a table loan fee will receive the cash back.)

You will be able to set up from 8-30 and the gates will be open to the public at 9.

We ask that you do not move off again until after 1-25 for safety reasons.

There will be tea, coffee, bacon or sausage barms available.

Every child took a form home last week but if you would like a replacement form contact either the office or a ptfa member.

Thanking you,



Children's Raffle.


Many thanks to everyone who bought tickets for the raffle.

We do apologise for not having anyone selling tickets on the playground this time as the two ladies that run the tuck shop are away doing lots of charitable works on the other week days and we are very short of parent helpers. 

There were 26 prizes in all, ranging from a pack of 30 sharpie pens, colouring equipment, dinosaur excavation materials, play dough and half pint glasses full of gums and marshmallows plus lots more.

Many thanks again,





Children's Raffle


Look out for the ladies selling raffle tickets on the yard. They will cost 50p per strip.

This raffle will be for children prizes,

Please support this fundraiser.

Thank you so much.

Film Night


The next film night will be on 21st June and will be for the year groups, 4, 5and 6 let us hope that this event is a successful as the last.

Looking forward to seeing your children there.

Watch out for the booking form.

Film Night.


Thank you to everyone who supported our film night which was a huge success. The children had a fantastic time.

Film Night


Years 1, 2 and 3 will be having a film night on 17th May Wednesday.

The donation which is required will be £2:50 per child which will include a drink and a snack.

Film title will be Puss in Boots. Hope they like it.



Hi everyone,

Hopefully, before we break up for the summer, we will be able to organise another couple of film nights for years 4,5 and 6 and 1,2 and 3.

The dates are being sorted soon and we will let you know as soon as possible. 

We will be asking for a donation of £2:50 for each child to book a seat. The price includes refreshments.


Hi all,

A huge thank you to all who attended the bingo on 31st, and a massive thank you to all the local and not so local businesses that made a donation to our raffle prizes.

There were not as many people as usual but never the less we has a fantastic time.

Many Thanks To:



The Uniform Shop times 2:

Mikes Kitchen:

Sew What:

Café Ambrosia:

5 Star Dry Cleaners:

The Make-Up Studio times 2:

Bella Mode:


                for all your wonderful donations. Not forgetting our mate Paula for saving us a long bus ride.

The £300 plus profit will go a long way towards the £450-00 cost of the eggs.

Many thanks to everyone that helped on the night including ptfa members and Diane J, Angela and never forgetting Angela's dad who calls the numbers ever so well, Lewis and George. Big hugs to everyone. Thank you Ronnie for  locking up.


Friday 31st March 2017.

The PTFA are in the process of organising a Friday night bingo to raise funds to be able to purchase Easter eggs for the children.

The entrance tickets will cost £2:50 which are placed in a container and the lucky ticket that is selected wins either £30 or £50 depending on how many people attend.


For refreshments: please bring your own and we will provide you with a glass and if you would like a snack half way through please bring that too.

You can purchase a book of six tickets for your main games and later on we may play one or two quickies.

During the evening people will wander around selling places on the spot the ball tickets. We will have a game of heads and tails. We will also have a game of 50p a bottle and the person whos 50p lands closest to the bottle wins it.


Please support our fundraising efforts as everything that we do raise goes to purchasing the little treats that your child receives during each year.

Years 1, 2 and 3s film night

This was a huge success and all the children behaved impeccably.

Each child had a drink and a bag of sweets whilst they watched the film. It was a pleasure to be there. We had a little hiccup with the sound that was put right and I think the children had a good time too.

Look out for the next one.

​Film Night


Keep your eyes out for the

year 1, 2 and 3 film night!

Photographs with Santa


This year photographs will be restricted  from nursery to year 3.

Years 4, 5 and 6 will not be taken.

All photographs will be free from charge.



The PTFA had a fundraising bingo on 25th November to raise funds for the children's selection boxes for this Christmas.

The evening was a great success and great fun.

After all the bills were paid we had raised £400.

This was £50 short of our target.

A huge thank you to all parents that attended the event. 

Also we would like to thank all the people and businesses who donated prizes helping to ensure a good night was had by all.


Film Night

Film night went off superbly. 

Sorry that it ran a bit over time.

The children were wonderfully behaved and it was a pleasure to see them enjoying themselves.

It was a thoroughly good night all round, well done everyone.

Thank you to all the helpers on the night as we could not do these events without you all.




Film Night. 


This coming Wednesday 19th October.


This event will take place straight from school until 4:45pm and all children must be collected by 5pm as there is a Zumba class soon after 5pm.


Tickets are £2:50 each which includes a drink at half time and some sweets to take home.


We have decided to show a Goosebumps film as there are a great deal of these books in the upper school class libraries.


We are almost to capacity so we are not taking any bookings after Monday to ensure that we have the correct amount of tuck for the children.


Thank you for supporting this event.






Film Night:


Hi All,

As you can see we are trying out another of the suggestions that you as parents have given to us.

Wednesday 19th October 2016 will be our first film night and we are going to cater for years 4, 5 and 6 this time

​Places are limited and will be on a first pay decision. All payments should hopefully be made by this Wednesday for us to be able to purchase the refreshments.


​It will cost £2:50 per child payable in advance please. Included in the fee will be a drink and some sweets.

If there are not enough takers for this fundraiser all monies paid will be refunded.

This is an all pre paid ticket event which means we will not take cash on the day.

If this event is a success our next film night will cater for years 2 and 3.


Thanks PTFA.




Year 6 Leavers Disco.


Every year your PTFA fund the year 6 leavers disco and this year is no exception.


We have provided: a disco, drinks, food, games, a key ring memento, a cupcake memento and huge amounts of fun. 

A good night was had by all.

Well done to all the staff that stayed and helped. no

Below are all the pictures taken on the night.


Bonus Ball.

Sadly we have decided not to run a parents bonus ball fundraiser this year because of the lack of support last year.

Many thanks to the parents that have supported us, we are very grateful.

Bonus Ball



The final Bonus Ball winner has been selected for this academic year.


The PTFA would like to thank everyone who has participated in this fundraiser.


Unfortunately it seems that this fundraiser may not take place next year because of the lack of support for it. This years figures for participation are as follows: 


Parents: 37 but 11 are year six parents which would mean                      26 for next year.

Staff: 8.

Vacant numbers: 14 Parents who have dropped out that we could not replace .


Once again thank you for your participation.

Whitsun Children's Raffle.

Unfortunately because of the terrible weather that occurred last week, we were not able to sell raffle tickets on the playground. We have not had enough cash to purchase prizes with the money donated at the moment from the envelopes that were sent in to us.


The draw will now take place after the Whitsun holiday.

The new date is:


We are sorry for any disruption.




Whitsun ​Children's Raffle.

Our next fundraising event will be the children's raffle which will be drawn the week before half term.

Raffle tickets will be sold on the playground during the junior playtime, after school when someone is available to do this or you could put the money in an envelope with your child's name and class on it and we will return the raffle tickets to you via the class teacher.




Bonus Ball Spare Numbers.

Due to non payment for many weeks we now have TWELVE

numbers that are vacant. 

The knock on effect of this is that the prize will be reduced by £10 until these numbers are taken.

The prize is now £30-00 until further notice. 

Apologies from the PTFA.



Winning numbers from Saturday 10th October every week through to Saturday July 2nd.


First week Winning number on :

   10th October 2015 is number 8.

 17th October 2015 is number 36.

 24th October 2015 is number 11.

  31st October 2015 is number 16.

7th November 2015 is number 38.

14th November 2015 is number 11.

21st November 2015 is number 18.

28th November 2015 is number 18.

  5th December 2015 is number 23.

12th December 2015 is number 23.

19th December 2015 is number 42.

26th December 2015 is number 20.

​     2nd January 2016 is number 52.

​      9th January 2016 is number 48.

​    16th January 2016 is number 38.

    23rd January 2016 is number 24.

    30th January 2016 is number 42.

    6th February 2016 is number 50.

  13th February 2016 is number 36.

  20th February 2016 is number 42.

  27th February 2016 is number 55.

        5th March 2016 is number 47.

        12th March 2016 is number 1.

      19th March 2016 is number 22.

      26th March 2016 is number 28

          2nd April 2016 is number 15.

           9th April 2016 is number ​18 . 

         16th April 2016 is number ​54 .

         23rd April 2016 is number 24 .

         30th April 2016 is number ​31 .

           7th May 2016 is number 28 .

         14th May 2016 is number 16.

         21st May 2016 is number 46 .

         28th May 2016 is number 59 .

          4th June 2016 is number 30 .

          11th June 2016 is number 3.

       18th June 2016 is number 47 .

      25th June 2016 is number 16 .

         2nd July 2016 is number 13.













Tuck Shop

There will be a tuck shop this Friday after school in the usual place.

Thank you for your support.





Many thanks to everyone who attended the bingo on Friday we hope that you had as good a night as we did. 
We do appreciate your support in our fundraising efforts as without yourselves there would not be any fundraising.

Thank you also to everyone who helped setting up the hall, selling tickets, sorting prizes, selling the bingo books, heads and tails, spot the ball and also calling the winning cards numbers.  Without all the people who give their time there would be no fundraising bingo's etc.  Thank you all so much.

We must not forget the most important people in our fundraising efforts which are yourselves, every single one of you play a part.


​ ​




Friday 1st April.

Doors open 7 pm and eyes down around 7:30.


Something special will happen to your entrance ticket at this bingo.  Make sure that you receive one because each one has their very own number.  This number could be worth £50 if your number is the one that is drawn. You have to produce your ticket to claim the prize.


We also have spot the ball, tombola ( if we receive enough prizes)' heads and tails, tea and coffee, 50p a bottle and hopefully roll a coin.

Come along and enjoy the fun but don't forget to bring your own liquid refreshment and snack.







Friday 1st April.

Doors open at 7:00,

Eyes Down at 7:30pm.

The PTFA are holding a fundraising bingo on 1st April which is the last day of the spring term.
Please support you PTFA as all funds raised will benefit your children.
Bring your own snack and liquid refreshments. Tea and coffee available.

Tickets will be £2:50 each and bingo books will also be the usual price.

We will have the tombola stall, heads and tails, spot the ball. Hopefully there will be a few more games about too.

Not to forget the raffle at 50p per ticket.

Hope to see you there.



Coffee Morning

Wednesday 9th March 2016.

The PTFA are hosting a coffee morning on the

9th March from 9:00 am to 9:45 am.

We are inviting all parents to come along and have a chat over a drink of tea or coffee and a piece of toast. We will be handing around the odd spot the ball at £1 per go.  Hope to see you there.

Nativity DVD's

The PTFA would like to thank everyone who purchased a DVD of the school nativity play.  This helped towards the payment of the Christmas Disco.


Thank you so much for your support.  


  PTFA committee.








  The next meeting of the PTFA committee is this Wednesday 20th January 2016.

All are welcome, the meeting will be at 3:30pm.



Unfortunately some photographs were not printed by the developers and this was not discovered until after the pictures were deleted from the cameras memory card. We do apologise to the few children and parents that did not receive their photographs because of this.


The children who were present were photographed with Father Christmas Last Tuesday. 

It was decided that Father Christmas would give the children their selection box this year instead of them being given out on the last day.

The selection boxes of the absent children were delivered to the classrooms for when the children return to school.

The photographs will be given to the children as soon as we can sort them out. 

There will be no charge for the photographs this year, the PTFA have covered this cost.

Many thanks,


Nativity DVD'S

Letters were given out last week for the ordering of Dvd's.

Please order as follows.

Tuesday am, Tuesday pm and Wednesday am are for the nursery productions, please indicate which one.

Reception production.

K.S.1 is for the infant production.

K.S.2 is for the junior production.

Please send in your money in with your order form.   Cal will be on the yard also to take your orders.

Many thanks, PTFA.

Raffle Prize Winners


George  Class 5CL

Harvey Class 5JO

Abigail Class 1DBM

Muhilashi Class 4PD

Jason Class Rec LM

Heidi Class 5CL

Kiera Class 4GD

Kaitlyn Class 4PD

Radu Class Rec ES

Ayomide Class 1KH

Kieran Class 3HMC

Mia Class 2LS

Laura Class 3HMC

Tegan Class 2LS

Jack Class 3AN


Mia Class 4PD.

Well done to all who purchased raffle tickets

 and thank you so much

to the ladies who sold the raffle tickets.

​We raised £63.




£1 Raffle

Update : 

Raffle will be drawn on Tuesday 15th December.

This raffle will  be drawn before the Christmas break.


This bicycle has been donated by a parent who purchased it for their child. The child has only sat on the bike which is why we have advertised it a new.

Set of Books:

The first set of books are sealed and have a value of £110.

Set of Books:

This set comes in their own carrier bag.

Cuddly Toy:

This is a large cuddly animal.

Pencil Crayons in tins:

Two tins of wonderful pencil crayons.

Plus more prizes:


Bonus Ball.

Late Payments.

The payment for the winning number this week (5th December) has had to be reduced due to the (late) non-payment from over 25 parents.

When the cash has been given, the remainder of the winnings will be forwarded to the lucky winner.

Please remember that I can only pay out the full £40 if the money comes in to me. 


Thank you so much to everyone who supported our bingo on the night you were fantastic.

Thank you to everyone who entered the raffle there was about 20 prizes in all.

We had lots of donations from various sources and I would like say a huge thank you to the Dry Cleaners who gave us a £20 voucher, Bella Mode for a free cut and blow dry, Café Ambrosia who donated a £5 meal voucher, Granny Mays for a super meal and drink for 4, Wetherspoon's for a steak meal for 2 plus a bottle of wine, The Entertainer Toy shop for a £15 voucher, Fantasy Land for free entry to 2 adults and 2 children, cakes, truffles and wine from (mum) Donna Hunt and Tesco Metro for their generous donations.

We would also like to thank Mr. Watts for agreeing to be our caller.

Thank you to the PTFA members, the staff who supported us and helped out on the night not forgetting Coach Lee who attended the bingo and helped put the chairs and tables away at the close of the evening. Also thank you to everyone who did all the fiddly jobs that needed doing to make the evening run smoothly.

Finally just to let you know we made enough to enable us to purchase a selection box for every child in the school.

Well Done.



Bonus Ball 15 / 16.


We will be starting the bonus ball on Saturday 10th October 2015. This is the first Saturday after the extra 10 numbers have been added.

There are still numbers that have not been allocated.



As you can see below we still have several numbers that have not been allocated also several numbers that need to be either confirmed or to be re-allocated. 

All numbers have not been allocated, this means that the full £40 prize cannot be paid.  The first weeks prize will be : - £33-00.

The ptfa portion has been reduced to enable the prize to be the above.


Christmas Bingo:  

Friday 20th November 2015.

The PTFA are organising a bingo on the above date.

Tickets will be £2:50 each.

Doors open at 7 pm.

Eyes down at around 7:30 pm.

Bring your own snack and liquid refreshments.

We will also have a tombola , heads and tails, spot the ball, 50p for the chance of a bottle of spirits. and more.

Hope you can make it we look forward to see you there.

Please try to make it as all monies raised is for the benefit of all the children in Arnot St. Mary School.


Laura Hughes


Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that the PTFA are in the process of setting up a twitter page as an alternative way to introduce any fundraising events as they get close to the dates. Also look for the PTFA events page on facebook.

Hoping that you will all sign up to it.


Laura Hughes.

Tuck Shop:

Hi everyone:

Just to say a big thank you to everyone who took advantage of the tuck shop on Friday. It was a big success but we do have some tuck left so we are planning another tuck shop next Friday to try to sell the rest of our wares. 

This will be the last until after the half term break.

Thank you for your support.


Thank you so much to the few people who have returned the questionnaire that was given out last week.

All the ideas that were sent in is being made into a list which will be distributed and hopefully returned and downsized to a manageable few for each year.


There is still time to return your questionnaires to be entered into the prize draw.

Time is Now Up.

Well we received 7 questionnaires to put into the draw.  Not a lot you may say, but thank you so much to the people who did return the questionnaire because you have given us so many ideas to discuss.

Some of the ideas are already in place and will be emerging shortly, the others we are having a discussion about to see which ones can be activated this year and which ones will keep for coming years.

Lastly we come to the important item:

'The  Draw for £20-00' 

and the winner of this is Clare DavisonWell done Clare. Your cash will be winging itself to you very shortly. 

Bonus Ball for 2015/16.

Hi all,

The National Lottery is changing which means another 10  numbers have been added to the bonus ball.

The knock on effect is that I have another 10 numbers plus the year 6 leavers vacant numbers that need to be allocated to parents.

Having the extra numbers and getting them filled means that the prize will swell also.

Please support your children. It will cost £1 per number for the 40 weeks between 3rd of October and 2nd July.

Let the PTFA have your details and we will allocate you a vacant number.

Many Thanks for your continued support.

Bonus Ball.

Thank you for all your support for this fundraiser. 

The last bonus ball for this academic year will take place on 4th July 2015 to ensure all due money is paid before we break up for the summer holiday.

The PTFA appreciate the support you have given.

The bonus ball will start up again in October so if you already have a number and would like to keep that same number please let me know as soon as possible to enable this to happen.

In October there will be an added 10 numbers to the lottery to fill. If you would like to join the bonus ball for the first time please let me know so that this can be arranged as when the year 6 move to their new school some numbers will become available.

Your commitment to this will be to be prepared to pay £1 each week until next July ( 40 weeks) (including the holidays between) (you could pay monthly) and to ensure that you pay your fee before the draw which will take place on a Saturday. With the total numbers swelling the prize will also swell.

If you are late with your payment and your number comes up you could forfeit your winnings.

Please support this fundraiser.

Coming Events.

School Summer Fayre:

Friday: 26th June.


Who likes burgers and hot dogs?


come to this event and

enjoy one (or maybe 2).


Lots of stalls are being organised for this event, which will include things like: white elephant, tombola, books, cakes, bottle game, spin a number, roll a 10p, hook a duck and lots, lots more.

So parents come along and enjoy yourselves and maybe go home at the end of the event with some prizes.


Over the next few weeks we will be asking for donations of things for the white elephant stall, a tin stall,  bottles (shampoo, perfume, juice, wine etc., used toys stall, tombola prizes and lastly cakes,

but wait for us to ask for the items before sending them in as storage space is limited.


We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Bonus Ball Winning Numbers

8th November 2014, winning number is number 1.

15th November 2014, winning number is number 40.

22nd November 2014, winning number is number 26.

29th November 2014, winning number is number 17.

6th December 2014, winning number is number 8.

13th December 2014, winning number is number 36.

20th December 2014, winning number is number 28.

27th December 2014, winning number is number 49.

 3rd January 2015, winning number is number 24.

10th January 2015, winning number is number 39.

17th January 2015, winning number is number 4.

24thJanuary 2015, winning number is number 17.

31st January 2015, winning number is number 15.

7th February 2015, winning number is number 22.

14th February 2015, winning number is number 22.

21st February 2015, winning number is number 36.

28th February 2015, winning number is number 43.

7th March 2015, winning number is number 31.

14th March 2015, winning number is number 45.

21st March 2015, winning number is number 30.

28th March 2015, winning number is number 48.

4th April 2015, winning number is number 43.

11th April 2015, winning number is number 19.

18th April 2015,winning number is number 10.

25th April 2015, winning number is number 47.

2nd May 2015, winning number is number 36.

9th May 2015, Winning number is number 18.

16th May2015, Winning number is number 17.

23rd May 2015, Winning number is number 25.

30th May 2015, Winning number is number 24.

6th June 2015, Winning number is number 6.

13th June 2015, Winning number is number 17.

20th June 2015, Winning number is number 27.

27th June 2015, Winning number is number 22.

4th July 2015, Winning number is number 3.

4th July was the last bonus ball for this academic year, we will resume again in September if most of the numbers are again taken.

Thank you all so much for supporting this fundraiser.




Car Boot / Table Sale:

23rd May 2015.

Sadly  the turn out was poor as some people who had booked pitches and told PTFA members that they wanted a pitch either did not turn up or did not inform us that they had changed their minds.

One person turned up ( the person who wanted the pitch was ill) and they insisted that we take the fee. You know who you are, thank you so much you are a star.

We were notified about another illness also, get well soon to both of you.

It was very disappointing that this event was supported by such a minimal number of parents (just to come along and have a look). By the end of the event between us all we counted less than 10 parents had come along, so thank you so much to those parents who took the time to come along and support the people that had booked pitches.

Also a huge thank you to the people who did buy pitches, all money raised is used in various ways on all the children who attend the school.



Children's Raffle Winners:

This is a super long list of winners, well done everyone

and thank you for supporting the PTFA.


Jack Sullivan, Alyssa Fuller, Jack Canterbury, Yinning,

John Paul, Demianne Browning, Kira, Manisha Yates,

Chloe Ives, Joseph Fearon, Eve Formby, Amy Davies Hulme, Daniel Brady, Dynuhsheyaa, Harvey, John Paul,

George Francis Price, Daisy, Yinning,

Ryan Davison Reekie, Joseph Fearon, James Morris,

Ella Conway, Morgan Kenny, Harry Rawlinson, Roksana,

George Francis Price, Amy Davies Hulme, Kaitlyn Stow,

Grace Murphy, Ruby Magill, Anthony Carter, Yinning,

Lewis Hogarth, Dynuhsheyaa, Amy Sach, Paige Smith, Kyle Smith, Ella Conway, Makenzie Powell,

Connor White, Demianne Browning, Nicholas, John Paul.




Children's Raffle.

Drawn on 22nd May.

Tickets 50p per strip.

How can I get some raffle tickets?


Tickets on sale every junior playtime


at the end of the day if someone is available to do this


if you send your money in inside an envelope

that has your child's name and class on it

we will return your tickets.


if you see a member of the PTFA.




Car boot/Table sale.

23rd May 2015.

Spaces cost £5 which is payable before the event.




Bingo Night.

Sadly cancelled.

Many Thanks.

We thought that you would like to know that every child in the school will receive an Easter Egg purchased from the cash raised on the Race Night. 

Thank you to all who supported this fundraiser.

£50 Ticket Prize

Thank you to Mrs. Roper for drawing the winning number for the entrance ticket prize. Ticket number 15 was pulled from the box. Congratulations to Suzanne Hulme the proud recipient of £50.

Race Night Roundup.

Race Night Prizes.

Many thanks to all who supported and attended the race night we hope you all had a super time. As we have said many times all money from fundraising goes towards the children and this money will buy each child in school an Easter egg. Once again thank you so much.

Prizes for the best owner and jockey are awarded as follows:


Race 1: Bella Mode Gold Cup.

Horse 1: Andy Murray.

Best Owner: Diane Cavanagh.

Best Jockey: Ronnie Cavanagh.


Race 2: Arnot St.Mary Handicap.

Horse 7: You Sexy Thing.

Best Owner: Ronnie Cavanagh.

Best Jockey: Anna Cavelle.


Race 3: Tesco Steeplechase.

Horse 1: Pointless.

Best Owner: Sheila Doran.

Best Jockey: Darren Hulme.


Race 4: Support Staff Challenge Cup.

Horse 6: Katie Perry.

Best Owner: Anne Gandy M.B.E.

Best Jockey: Elizabeth Keilty.


Race 5: Full Moon Dash.

Horse 7: King Kong.

Best Owner: S. Donlevy / Vicky Wilkes.

Best Jockey: Donna Pitman / Laura Hughes.


Race 6: Randy Raunchers Romp.

Horse 7: S Club 7.

Best Owner: Marinela Cozma.

Best Jockey: P. Donlevy.


Race 7: Archie Kearns Memorial Race.

Horse 5: Dr. No.

Best Owner: Donna Pitman.

Best Jockey: Amanda Sephton Duckworth.


Race 8: Midnight Romp.

Horse 6: Sky.

Best Owner: Mr. Edwards.

Best Jockey: Darren Hulme.


Don't forget to get your Race Night Tickets for this Friday: 20th March at 7pm.

Tickets are £2:50 each that could be worth £50 if your number is selected!


Race Night

      The school PTFA are organising a Race Night on the 20th March and the ticket price is £2-50 each.

      On the back of the entrance thicket is a number (which could be your lucky number) the holder of one of these numbers will be the lucky winner of a huge £50-00. You must have your ticket with you as this will be drawn on the night.


      The night will consist of 8 races with 8 horses in each race.


      We need people willing to be owners of the horses, each horse ownership will cost you £2-00. We need you to purchase as soon as possible as this must be in place before the race night.


      We need people willing to be jockeys for the horses, each jockey must pay £2-00  for this privilege. We need you to purchase as soon as possible as this must be in place before the race night.


      Each winning owner and winning jockey will receive a prize.


      We are looking for businesses to sponsor each race and the race they sponsor will be named after their business.  To sponsor a race means that you are willing to supply the prizes for the owner and the jockey of the winning horse.


      We will have a refreshment break during the night where you will provide your own liquid and food refreshments, we will provide you with a glass.


      After the racing is over we are providing a disco so you can let your hair down. 


      The evening will come to an end at 12:30 - 1pm.


      If we cannot fill the owner and jockey slots at least a week before the event it will unfortunately have to be cancelled.


Coffee Morning

27th February 2015.

Thank you to everyone who turned up for a chat and refreshments.

We had a lovely time at the coffee morning and the toast tasted really good.

Why not come and join us at the next one.


Next PTFA Meeting:

Will be held on 10th March 2015

at 3:30 pm.

You are welcome to attend.

We will be discussing the Race Night.

Coffee Morning

Friday 9 a.m. 27th February 2015.

Come along and have a chat

and enjoy

a cup of tea/coffee

with either

a biscuit or a piece of toast.


Come along and meet some of the PTFA team.


Race Night

20th March 2015

Tickets will be £2:50.

We need Race Sponsors;




We need you to buy in to be an owner.

We need you to buy in to be a jockey.




A letter will be coming home shortly about this:




Reduced Prizes on the Bonus Ball


As most of you know by now some people with allocated numbers have failed to provide us with their £1's.


Slowly the cash is coming in and as it does I will be handing previous winners who had a reduced prize the extra cash to bring their winnings up to the agreed £30-00.


Thank you for your patience.


Laura Hughes.


Many thanks to all who came to the school bingo.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped on the night too


With the money we made we were able to buy a selection box for each child, a christingle for every child and pay for the disco for the Christmas parties.

Huge thanks to all the staff and parents who donated things for prizes along with all the local and non local companies who donated prises which include:


Tesco, (County Road)


Dry Cleaners,(County Road)

Everton Football Club


Wetherspoons (Frosts)

Bubbles(New Brighton)

Toy shop from town

Driving lessons

Domino Pizza

Dance Taster Sessions

Plus many more.


Bingo This Friday.

29th November 2014, Don't forget to get your bingo tickets.

£2-50 each.


Bubbles Childrens fun World

2 Free Driving Lessons

Zumba Taster Sessions

Dry Cleaning Voucher

Confectionery Hampers

Toiletry Hampers

Everton Tour for 4 persons

plus lots more.......


Heads and tails

Spot the ball



Line prizes

Full House Prizes


Bring your own refreshments and we will provide you with a glass.

All prizes have been donated and a list of donors will be available very soon.


Many have said it is a super night

Come and join the fun and see for yourself.





The PTFA are in the process of organising a Bingo for 28th November 2014 this is a Friday night.

As usual you will be provided with a glass then you provide the liquid to put in it along with any snack you might like to bring with you. 

The ticket price is the same as last time £2:50 each.

There will be a raffle and the usual fundraisers, heads and tails, spot the ball etc...

We have also decided to run a tombola on the night, if you have anything to donate as a prize please send it in.

A letter will be sent home very shortly, if you would like tickets please send the ticket money in an envelope with your child and the tickets will be returned via your child.

Hopefully there will be a PTFA member selling tickets on the playground too.

Raffle tickets will be available on the night and also at junior playtime on the yard. You could send money for raffle tickets in an envelope with your child and they will be returned the same way.

Thank you for your support. 




Car Boot/Table Sale


Please let us know if you would hire a space.

Send in a note to the PSFA or give it to us on the playground.

We are hoping to have one around the Whitsun half term.

Thanks the PSFA team.

Bonus Ball Fundraiser


The PSFA have been trying to enrol 49 parents to participate in this fundraiser. To date we have only achieved 38 parents willing to support us. If we cannot fill our quota there are two ways to proceed:

1. cancel this altogether.

2. go ahead with the numbers that we have and any vacant numbers being called having the winnings held over to the following week. If we do go ahead this will mean a reduced prize will be offered.

 A decision will be made at the next PSFA meeting.

Staff Bonus Ball.

We have set up a seperate staff bonus ball and it has been running for 2 weeks and the numbers that have won so far are: 10 and 18.

Well done to the two winners.

100 Club

Sadly the PSFA have decided to discontinue with this fundraiser due to the dwindling support from parents which is now down to around 14 parents.  We would like to thank you for your continued support with this fundraiser.

The next 100 Club draw is on 

Tuesday 30th  September 2014.

Please try to support our fundraising efforts, as all the children within the school do benefit from our and your efforts.

Pop £1 in the envelope that your child brings home(or use one of your own) with  your name, your child's name, and your child's class on the front. Pass it back to the school and before the last school day of the month. A child from each class in turn will select the winning envelope.


We have wonderful support from the staff (even though only a few staff have siblings in the school) in school for this fundraiser but sadly the parental support is at its lowest.

Over the year your minimum participation would be £11 as opposed to the lowest monthly win od £25-00. Them more participants the bigger the prize.

Your children need your support.


Thanks PTFA.

100 club winner: July


The winner of the 100 Club Draw for July is Sabreena Palombella mum of Libby in class 4GM.

Congratulations !!!!


The winning ticket was drawn by a member of a child from 6MC.


This was the last draw for this academic year.


A big thank you to all who attended the school bingo we all had a superb night especially with all those bananas flying around.

Thanks go to all staff, parents and local businesses who donated gifts etc. for raffle prizes, quiz prizes and game prizes not to mention the spot the balls and under the chair prizes.

We made around £300 profit, thank you so much.

L. Hughes.

100 club winner: June


The winner of the 100 Club Draw for June is Lee Anne Keene, mum of Carys in class 1CS.

Congratulations !!!!


The winning ticket was drawn by a member of a child passing the office, the office staff as witnesses.

Next Event: Bingo Friday 27th June


Tickets will be available after half term from Mrs Hughes.

Bring your own refreshment, especially food!

Door open at 7PM, eyes down at 7:30ish


All raffle tickets will be sold on the night.



Heads and Tails

Spot the Ball

Last Man Standing

100 Club Winner:  May



The winner of the 100 Club Draw for March is Mrs Boulger


Congratulations !!!!


The winning ticket was drawn by a member of class 6MC.

Picture 1


100 club winner: April


The winner of the 100 Club Draw for April is Jamie Newall.

Congratulations !!!!


The winning ticket was drawn by a  child from the Nurture Centre.

Children's Raffle.

Very shortly the school will be selling raffle tickets for a  raffle for the children. The draw will take place just before we break up for the Whitsun holiday. 

This means that there will be no alcahol or cosmetics in the prizes. 

We now in the process of accumulating child related prizes.

All donations gratefully received by passing into the office or to a member of staff or a member of the PTFA.


Tickets are 50p per strip.

Your child will bring home a brown envelope with RAFFLE stamped on it. Fill in the information required and place your cash inside and the relevant number of tickets will be returned to you via your child.

Tickets will be available from the playground when people are available to sell them.

Nearer the draw date tickets will be available during junior playtimes.


100 Club Winner:  March 31st.



The winner of the 100 Club Draw for March is Gill McArdle.


Congratulations !!!!


The winning ticket was drawn by a member of class 6GD.


School Bingo.


A big thank you to our supporters (school staff, parents, relations and all the supporters who have no connections within the school who managed to attend the bingo as you all made the evening a huge success.

Thanks to the bingo caller who always gives us a sterling performance.

Thanks to the staff and staff family members and PTFA members who gave their time to set up the hall, sell raffle tickets, bingo books, manned the door and took your money in many ways, then clean up and put everything back where it belongs. They even brushed the floors.

Thanks go to the many businesses and people who donated the raffle prizes.

Lastly, thanks to Ron who agreed to come back and lock the school when everyone had departed.

smiley   no


Spring Bingo.

21st March 2014.


Ticket price is £2:50 each.

Available by :

smileysend your payment in an envelope with your child's name and class on the front and we will return your tickets to you.

smileyPurchase them from the playground from a PTFA member (when we can manage to get on to the yard)

smileypay on the door on the night.


Raffle Tickets: 50p per strip.


You can purchase these from all the above


smiley Mrs. Hughes will sell them on the playyard during junior playtime.



100 Club Winner: February 28th.

The winner of the 100 Club draw for February is Mrs. Monteiro in year 4.




The winning ticket was drawn by class 5AD.

The next 100 Club draw is on Friday 28th February 2014.

Please try to support our fundraising efforts, as all the children within the school do benefit from our and your efforts.

Pop £1 in the envelope that your child brings home(or use one of your own) with your child's name, your name and your child's class on the front. Pass it back to the school and on the 28th February a child from year 5 will select the winning envelope.


Thanks PTFA. no

Spring Bingo: 21st March 2014.


Tickets will be £2-50.


Doors open 7 P.M.


Eyes down 7:30 ish.


Raffle Tickets price will be 50p per strip


Bring your own refreshments and half time snack.  We will loan you a glass.




Next PTFA Meeting: 27th February 2014.


The next PTFA meeting is on the 27th February at 3:30 pm, to discuss the next bingo arrangements which will be on 21st March 2014.  If you would like to help please come along.

100 Club Winner: January 2014.

100 club winner for January is George from Year 3.   Congratulations !!!!   no



The winning ticket was selected by class 4PD.

Autumn Bingo.


The PTFA would like to say a big thank you to all the people who donated items for the bingo and raffle for prizes.

Tesco Metro: County Road,

B&M Utting Avenue,

Weatherspoons, Walton Road,

Segura Restraunt, County Road,

Cakes, from a friend of a PTFA member,



friends of the school who also donated raffle and auction prizes.


The PTFA also wish to say a big thank you to all parents, staff and friends who all helped to make the evening a huge sucess.


Much appreciation from PTFA.    surprise

100 Club Winner:  November 2013.


The winner of the 100 Club draw for November is Teagan in Year 2. Congratulations !!!!!



The winning ticket was selected by class 4GM.

100 Club Winner : October 2013


The winner of the 100 Club for October is Dylan in year 4.




The winning ticket was selected by class 3AN.

100 Club Winner: September 2013


The September 100 Club September winner is Ronnie. Congratulations  !!!!


The winning ticket was selected by class 3HMC.





Photo With Santa.

Thursday 5th December.


On Monday 25th November an envelope will be given to each child with a slip of paper attached.  If you would like your child to have their photograph taken with Santa please fill in the slip of paper and put it in the envelope with the correct money.


Each photograph will cost £3-00.


If you wish you could also order a family photograph with Santa please fill in the slip of paper and put it in the envelope with the correct money.


Each photograph will cost £3-00.


You may wish to order more than one copy to give to relatives. Please fill in the sip of paper with how many copies you would like and put it in the envelope with the correct money.


Each photograph will cost £3-00.


Please Note:

Only pre paid for children's photographs will be taken. 

Wednesday 4th December is the last date to pay,

we will not accept payment after 3:30 pm on the Wednesday. 



29th November 2013


Your school PTFA have organised a bingo night for the above date.

Doors open: 7:00 pm

Eyes Down: 7:30 pm (ish)


Ticket Price £2:50


Tickets will be available from the play yard at the end of the school day.  You can also pay on the night.

Bring your own liquid refreshment and we will provide you with your glass.

If you want to have a snack please bring it with you as only table nibbles will be provided.

Tea and coffee will be available.

We will also be selling especially created cakes.




This will be a super raffle with superb prizes e.g.

Remote control car - donated by B & M Utting Avenue.

Christmas Hamper - donated by B & M Utting Avenue.

Steak Meal for two plus a bottle of wine - Donated by Wetherspoon on Walton Road.

£30 voucher - donated by Segura restaurant on County Road.

Plus lots, lots more prizes.

Tickets will be available at playtimes all this week where your children can purchase them or if you wish you can send an envelope (with the cash in) into school with your name and your child's name and class number on it and we will get them back to you(PLEASE WRITE RAFFLE ON THE ENVELOPE) or you can purchase them on the night at the bingo.




We have three special donations that the PTFA have decided to auction.

They are:


Signed Everton Football

Signed Liverpool Football

Personalised Football boots from Steven Pienaar. 


all three auctions will start at £25. If you are not able to attend the bingo and would like to bid, you could lodge a pre-auction bid by sending your best bid to the school office placed in an envelope along with your contact details and if you are successful you will receive the item on payment.


Please remember that all funds raised are used solely for the children.  Some of the things the PTFA provide or subsidise are:  Christmas selection boxes for the whole school, payment for the disco, year 6 leavers presents, Easter eggs for the whole school, plus lots more.  Please support your children.

Thank you to all who had a go at 'Name the Teddy' and also the 'Spot the Ball' on parents evening, Thursday playtime and also Friday.


'Name the Teddy'

The winning square was no claimed so we moved to the nearest square that was taken.

The winning name was 'Grumpy Bear' and congratulations to Matthew Birchall who not only collected the bear as a prize, he also won £5-00. Well done.


'Spot the Ball'

There were 3 games of this and the winners were: Ronnie, Paige and Cerri, who all won £20-00. Well done to all three.

P.T.F.A. Meeting.

The next PTFA meeting will be on Thursday 31st October at 3:30, If you would like to attend you will be very welcome.



The October 100 club draw will be drawn on Thursday 31st October by Mrs. Navarro's class.