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Ugly Bug Ball and Zoolab visit!


We had a brilliant (and extremely noisy) time with Robert!

We had a brilliant  (and extremely noisy) time with Robert! 1

Sports and Health week

Many thanks to our friends at Tesco again for helping us make our fruit kebabs!

Homework 10.06.16

Welcome to Summer 2! This half term we will be learning all about minibeasts and focussing on the story 'James and The Giant Peach!' We are now preparing for our transition into Year 1. Here are the non-negotiables for the end of Reception- how is your child doing?
See you all in school on Wednesday 8th June. Have a lovely half term!

Where caterpillars go!

We had a wonderful time watching Emma, Leila, Tony and Joe performing for us!

Peter the gardener came to help us!

Peter the gardener came to help us! 1
Peter the gardener came to help us! 2
Peter the gardener came to help us! 3

A busy term already!

We have been busy planting beans and watching them grow-just like Jack and his beanstalk! We have been learning all about him, and adding another traditional tale we know to our list!

We have also listened to traditional tales from around the world, when Johnny the Journeyman came to visit this week. He told us some amazing stories, but never read them from a book.He just remembered them! We had no illustrations to look at, so we painted our own using our imagination! We all hope we can be storytellers just like him one day! 

Welcome back!

We are excited to be starting our Summer Term and have lots of wonderful things planned- including lots of outdoor fun! 


Our traditional tale is 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and will be planting and watching as things grow in our outside classroom.

Theatre visit

We had another wonderful experience this week when 'M and M productions' came to visit! 

Farm visit


We had a lovely morning meeting our special visitors from Acorn Farm! We were even lucky enough to see the actual Easter Bunny!


Many thanks to Alison and Richard!






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Mothers' day

Still image for this video

Mothers' day assembly

Mothers' day assembly 1

A busy first week!

A busy first week! 1
A busy first week! 2
A busy first week! 3
A busy first week! 4
A busy first week! 5
A busy first week! 6
A busy first week! 7
A busy first week! 8
A busy first week! 9
A busy first week! 10
A busy first week! 11
A busy first week! 12
A busy first week! 13
A busy first week! 14
A busy first week! 15
A busy first week! 16
A busy first week! 17
A busy first week! 18
A busy first week! 19
A busy first week! 20
A busy first week! 21
A busy first week! 22

Our Easter chicks!

Our Easter chicks! 1
Our Easter chicks! 2
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Picture 2


There has been much excitement (egg-citement!!!) about our new arrivals!


Jack said, "It's a miracle!" after they had started to hatch!                                                



Gong hey fat choi!

Gong hey fat choi! 1
Gong hey fat choi! 2
Gong hey fat choi! 3


China town visit


Picture 1

Reception Homework 29.1.16


Theatre group


We had a really fun day exploring drama with our theatre group friends! Many thanks to Emma and Leila!

Reception Homework 22.01.16

Reception Homework 15.1.16

Welcome to RLM

Reception Homework 20.11.15- You can also find this in your child's homework book :)

Many thanks to those parent/carers who have returned their questionnaires. We will be holding a variety of events this half term, starting with 'Stay and Play' sessions starting Monday 9th November.


We will share details and dates with you as soon as possible.  

Pupil Voice Feedback

Many thanks to the children (and helpers at home!) who have filled in their questionnaires! Here are some of the wonderful comments.


Saffia -"Our school is lovely and I love it so much!"

Chloe - "The best thing...was making porridge." 

Maddison-" My favourite story was...'Ouch in my pouch'."

Dylan's  was 'Little Red Riding Hood'. 

Imogen-" I have enjoyed learning about writing letters, full stops and capital letters."

Lottie-" My favourite thing outside is playing in the mud kitchen."'


Some suggestions from the children to learn next term are...

lanterns (Saffia),  making cakes (Chloe),  rugby (Dylan), drawing (Kendal) and dancing and singing (Ellie)


Watch this space!

Making Porridge

As you know, we have been doing lots of work about the story of Goldilocks and the  Three Bears. We decided that we would make some porridge for the bears (and ourselves). We have been pouring, mixing, cooking and tasting to see if we could get it just right!

What a busy week!

We went to Stanley Park on Monday to look for signs of Autumn. We collected lots of Autumn leaves for our Investigation area and for our art work.

On Tuesday, we were invited to visit the Bakery in Tesco as part of our work about Harvest. We all sugared our own doughnuts and then ate them- the best bit!! We also took turns on the till.
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Parent/Carer Questionnaire Feedback


Many thanks for our returned questionnaires. We had lots of positive comments including ....


What your children think about Arnot St Mary


"My child loves coming to school. He tells me about his lessons and is excited to learn more."


"He is excited because he’s learning English by playing in a pleasant environment."


"She really enjoys school. Reception is a big step but my little one has really settled and likes everything she does." 


What we do well at Arnot St Mary


  • Friendly and welcoming
  • Organised and calm
  • Staff easy to talk to and understanding
  • Happy and welcoming
  • Make children feel at home


We also had some great suggestions about what we else could do for you and your children, so please read your weekly 'ideas to do together at home' homework/newsletter, parent board or white board outside class for up coming events-including Phonics sessions and workshops, Stay and Play days and Messy Mornings this Autumn.


We will also be sending home letters, flyers or invitations- with as much notice as possible for you.


Don't forget, any more comments and suggestions can be included in our 'Suggestion box' on our Parent/Carer noticeboards, or just talk to a member of staff!  

International Day of Languages

International Day of Languages 1 Ready to dance
International Day of Languages 2
International Day of Languages 3
Reception children had the opportunity to practise their dancing skills during our International Day of Languages. They showed some good rhythm and really enjoyed themselves!

A 'busy start' to the day!

The children took part in our 'Busy Time 'when they came into class this morning. We will be starting our day like this on most mornings. Well done to all the children, they were really sensible.


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Picture 3
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Picture 6



Story Session


Our parents and careers enjoyed joining us for a story. We had a lovely time!

Here is some of our feedback.


"It was a really nice experience to see the children in their classroom environment and watch how they interact with each other and teachers."


"It was nice to see how a book and story can bring out different answers from the children and it was good to pick up different skills of how a story can be read."


We hope to do another one soon!

story session

story session  1
story session  2
story session  3
story session  4
story session  5
story session  6
story session  7
story session  8

Please find below a list of our end of year 'non-negotiables'.  


These are skills which we hope your children will have gained by the end of their time with us in Reception.


Abbreviations for areas of learning-

PSED-Personal, Social, Emotional Development

C&L- Communication and Language

UW- Understanding the World

EA&D- Expressive Arts and Design



We hope that you will help by focusing on these skills together at home also.


Any questions, please ask a member of staff who will be happy to explain.

Parents guide to EYFS

4Children Parents guide

Nursery Rhymes

We like to develop our children’s speech patterns, rhyming skills and number recognition through Nursery Rhymes.

These are some of the specific ones that will be taught this year in school.

Please help your child to learn these by heart at home too!

¨ Twinkle, twinkle

¨ Wind the bobbin up

¨ Pat a cake

¨ Round and round the garden

¨ Ring o' roses

¨ Incy wincy spider

¨ Humpty Dumpty

¨ Row row your boat

¨ 2 little dicky birds

¨ 1 finger,1 thumb

¨ Baa baa black sheep

¨ Wheels on the bus

¨ 1,2, buckle my shoe

¨ 5 little ducks

¨ 5 in a bed

¨ 5 speckled frogs

¨ 5 big sausages

¨ 5 currant buns

¨ 5 little monkeys

¨ 5 green bottles

¨ 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive


Lunchtime Menus

As you are aware, all children up to Year 2 are entitled to free school dinners and children in our school choose their own lunches. However, our Reception classes need some adult support to do this. Although staff do explain dishes to children as best we can, we would like to ask you to spend a few minutes together doing the same, to familiarise them with the dishes on offer. 


Please consider this an excellent opportunity to encourage your child to be adventurous and try new dishes – even just one a week!  We are sure you will agree that it is hugely important to establishing healthy eating habits as early as possible for our children. By introducing a wide and varied diet now, we will help them grow into strong, healthy adults.