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Welcome to RLM!
We have had a busy half term so far. Everyone has settled in very well. Here are some pictures to show you what we have been doing.
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The children have been talking about birthdays so we decided to make some birthday cards and party hats. The children designed some lovely hats and wrote cards for their friends and families.
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Children in Need 2013

We had some fantastic superheroes in class today. They made Arnot St Mary a very safe place to be!!!


The children have been very busy planting seeds. They are really pleased to see how much they have grown. We will be picking some peas and beans soon!

World Cup week

World Cup week 1
World Cup week 2
World Cup week 3
World Cup week 4
World Cup week 5
World Cup week 6
World Cup week 7
World Cup week 8
World Cup week 9
Reception children have been showing off their Samba skills during World Cup week. They enjoyed learning new dance routines and have been practising them. We all needed a rest afterwards!