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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school


Chair of Governors - Revd. T. Latham

Vice-Chair of Governors - Mr. C. Ransome


Headteacher - Mrs F. Roper


Senior Leadership Team 

Headteacher - Mrs F. Roper

Deputy Headteacher - Mr D. Paton

Assistant Headteacher & EYFS Leader - Mrs S. Rugen

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator - Mrs G. Ford

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader - Mrs D. Buffel-Morland

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader - Mrs A. Navarro

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader - Mrs C. Seal

Intervention Leader - Mrs J. Sheeran

Modern Languages Leader - Mrs T. Miller


Teachers and Teaching Assistants - September 2015


Spanish Teacher & MFL Leader - Mrs T. Miller

Intervention Teacher - Mrs J. Sheeran



Year 6

6CL - Miss C. Leech & Miss D. Jones

6JO - Miss J. Oakes & Mrs K. Rankin

Year 5

5CS - Mrs C. Seal & Mrs L. Hughes

5GM - Mrs G. Monteiro & Miss K. McKenzie


Year 4

4HP - Miss N. Hall - Miss H. Peverall &  Mrs. J. East

4NB - Mrs N. Barnett & Miss J. Egan


Year 3

3AN - Mrs A. Navarro & Mrs. A. Boulger

3LS  - Mrs L. Sharps & Mrs. A. Newall



Year 2

2HMC - Mrs H. McCann & Mrs M. Thompson

2ST - Mrs J. Sheeran - Mrs C. Thurgood  & Mrs. R. McKeown

2KW - Miss K. Watts & Miss S. Sharkey


Year 1

1DBM - Mrs D. Buffel-Morland & Mrs S. Nieminen-Smith

1JH - Miss K. Hamlett & Mrs P. Glendenning - Mrs J. Francis

1JQ - Mrs J. Quantick & Mrs L. Linacre



Reception - FS2

R-ES - Miss E. Stackpoole & Miss H. Carter

R-LM - Mrs C. Richardson & Mrs. S. Williams


Nursery - FS1

Nursery Teacher - Mrs. N. Jarvis

Mrs. W. Wagner

Mrs. S. Nelson



Nurture Teacher - Mrs W. Smillie

Mr J. Newall


Learning Mentor

Mrs L. Walls


Sports Coaches

Sports Alive


Office Staff

School Bursar - Mrs D. Cavanagh

Administration Officer - Mrs R. Kendrick


Educational Support Assistants

Mrs D. Foster

Mrs C. Maddox


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs D. Foster

Ms J. Hallam

Mrs G. McCardle

Mrs C. Quinn

Mrs P. Richmond

Mrs L. Roberts

Mrs A. Sephton-Duckworth

Mrs P. Smith


Site Staff

Mrs J. Ellis

Mr R. Cavanagh



Mrs J. Ellis

Mrs K. Lloyd

Mrs C. Luckie

Mrs P. Richmond

Mrs L. Roberts

Mrs J. Rothwell

Mrs D. Stinchcomb