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Arnot St Mary  C of E

Arnot St Mary C of E Primary School

Healthy School Information


Dear Parent/Carers ,

Please don't forget as the weather is getting colder our children need to make sure  they have an up to date inhaler in class. Your doctor will give you two inhalers one for home and one for school usage.  Can you make sure your child's name is on the new inhaler with clear instructions as to how much your child needs to take when they are feeling under the weather.

If you have any problems please contact school.  


School Dinners

Ever wonder what the children are given for their school dinners? Well have a look at the lunch menu on the School Lunches tab.


Healthy Packed Lunches

Here is a weeks worth of tasty ideas to have as healthy packed lunches!

These lunches are designed for  5 to 8 year old.



  • Banana sandwich with wholemeal bread

  • Tomato

  • Boiled egg

  • Low-fat fruit yoghurt

  • Small box of raisins

  • Semi-skimmed milk



  • Tuna and sweetcorn wholemeal roll

  • Reduced-fat cheese triangle

  • Satsuma

  • Apple juice, unsweetened



  • Pasta and sausage salad (with spring onion and red pepper)

  • Stewed apple and blackberry with crumble top

  • Reduced-fat natural yoghurt

  • Bottle of water



  • Edam cheese, ham and lettuce pitta pocket

  • Tomato

  • Small flapjack

  • Nectarine

  • Reduced-fat yoghurt drink



  • Houmous, red pepper and grated carrot wrap

  • Grapes

  • Creamed rice pot

  • Slices of malt loaf

  • Bottle of water

For more ideas, please visit;