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Who's Who


Mrs F. Roper
Chair of Governors  
Vice-Chair of Governors Ms. D. Bostock

Senior Leadership Team

  • Headteacher - Mrs F. Roper
  • Deputy Headteacher - Mr D. Paton
  • Assistant Headteacher & EYFS Leader - Mrs S. Rugen
  • Assistant Headteacher & Inclusion Manager - Mr S. Fitzsimmons

Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Early Years Foundation Stage

Two Year old Provision

  • Ms. Rugen, Miss Nelson, Miss Morris


  • Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Limb, Mrs Williams, Mrs. Maddox

Early Years Intervention

  • Mrs. Martindale, Mrs Wilcox


  • RLT - Miss Thompson & Miss  Dutton
  • RKS - Miss K Staunton & Mrs. Wagner

 Reception Intervention

  • Mrs Howard

Key Stage 1

Year 1

  • 1JD - Miss Dawson & Miss Roddick, Mr Newall
  • 1RS - Miss Smith & Ms McKeown

Year 2

  • 2JS - Mrs. Sheeran & Mrs. Hale, Miss Carter
  • 2HMc - Mrs. McCann & Mrs. Lea

Key Stage 1 Intervention

  • Mrs. Buffel-Morland

Key Stage 2

Year 3

  • 3TR - Mr Robinson & Mrs. Hughes
  • 3KS  - Mrs. Snowsill & Mrs. Francis

Year 4

  • 4GM - Mrs. Monteiro & Mrs. Hobson
  • 4AL - Mr Leadbetter & Mrs. Boulger

Year 5

  • 5SJ - Miss Jarvis & Mrs. Foster
  • 5JO - Mr Osbourne & Mrs. Newall

Year 6

  • 6BH - Miss Haugh, Mrs. East
  • 6CT - Mrs. Thurgood & Mrs. Rankin

Key Stage 2 Intervention

  • Mrs. Sharps, Mrs. Barnett, Mrs Ansell

Specialist Teachers

  • Spanish Teacher - Miss Y Grant

Inclusion Team

  • Inclusion Manager - Mr S Fitzsimmons
  • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator - Mrs C Clowes
  • Family Liaison Officer - Mrs L Walls

Office Staff

  •  Mrs D. Cavanagh - School Bursar
  •  Mrs R. Kendrick - Administration team
  •  Mrs W. Woods - Administration team
  • Mrs A. Sephton-Duckworth - Administration team

Educational Support Assistant

  • Mrs D. Foster

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs D. Foster
  • Ms J. Hallam
  • Mrs G. McCardle
  • Mrs C. Quinn
  • Mrs C. Hughes
  • Mrs L. Roberts
  • Mrs A. Sephton-Duckworth
  • Mrs P. Smith
  • Mrs R. Brennan
  • Miss A. Jarvis

Site Staff

  • Mrs J. Ellis
  • Mr R. Cavanagh


  • Miss A. Jarvis
  • Mrs K. Lloyd
  • Mrs C. Luckie
  • Miss J. McManus
  • Mrs P. Richmond
  • Mrs L. Roberts
  • Mrs D. Stinchcomb


@ArnotStMary - May 27
Parents/Carers, please see the link below for exciting events and activities for the May half-term holidays.
@ArnotStMary - May 25
Congratulations to this week's attendance winners!KS2: 4AL with 97.5%KS1: 1RS with 95%EYFS: Well done to 2YR with 97.5% Well done and thank you to all our families for your continued support!
@ArnotStMary - May 24
Wishing all our children and their families a happy and safe half term break!Children will return to school on Monday 10th of June.
@ArnotStMary - May 24
Well Done 1RS for winning attendance this week! See you all after half term ⭐️ 🏆
@ArnotStMary - May 20
Year 6 parents can now access new information to help support their children at this stage of their life, on the Inourplace website: the free access code “purplebin” to access information and short online courses in regards to this transition stage.
@ArnotStMary - May 20
Using our clay skills to make dragon eyes in art this afternoon. What amazing creativity!
@ArnotStMary - May 20
As the weather remains warm, please remember to send your children to school with a bottle of water. You may also wish to apply sun screen before they come to school. Please ensure jumpers and cardigans have names labelled to try and reduce the risk of them being lost.
@ArnotStMary - May 18
Congratulations to this week's attendance winners!KS2: 5SJ, 6BH & 6CT with 100%KS1: 2MHC with 99.2%EYFS: Well done to 2YR with 95% Well done and thank you to all our families for your continued support!
@ArnotStMary - May 13
Walking and talking are both amazing ways to improve mental health. Please see below for information to support men's mental health.For other groups and opportunities, please visit the following link:
@ArnotStMary - May 13
See below for 10 roadshow health events across North Liverpool.For more information, please visit:
@ArnotStMary - May 13
today in year 3 we have been practising adding attachments to emails and sending them
@ArnotStMary - May 13
We have started a new literacy unit today!! We went on a spider hunt to find spiders or evidence of spiders…Can you guess what our new story is? 🕷️🕸️
@ArnotStMary - May 13
@ArnotStMary - May 13
To all our amazing Year 6 children:Please be in on time every day this week for your SATs.You will be amazing and we are very proud of you all!#YouGotThis
@ArnotStMary - May 12
Reminder to Yr 6 parents/carers that this week is SATs week 📚Please make sure children arrive in school nice and early, so that they are settled and ready for the day 🕗SATs breakfast club will be running every day this week 🍽️In the meantime, enjoy the weekend sunshine ☀️
@ArnotStMary - May 11
Congratulations to this week's attendance winners!KS2: 6CT with a brilliant 98.2%KS1: 2MHC with a really positive 96.1%EYFS: Well done to RKS and 2YR with 100% Well done and thank you to all our families for your continued support!
@ArnotStMary - May 10
Well done to RKS for 100% attendance! We have kept the trophy for another week!!🏆💯 We had Lolly ices for a special treat 🍡
@ArnotStMary - May 10
We have written ‘refugee narratives’ based on The Journey by Francesca Sanna. Today, we looked at pieces from a diary entry written by the mother in the story and tried to interpret her thoughts and feelings 🤔📝✍🏽
@ArnotStMary - May 8
With many thanks to for their very kind donation…our class library has been enhanced because of these books!
@ArnotStMary - May 8
Our very own castles for our new topic - Jack and the Beanstalk 🏰🌱
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