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Reading and Phonics

Reading is a huge part of life at Arnot St Mary. We encourage children to read and enjoy a wide variety of literature to nurture a lifelong love of reading. We put all our efforts into making sure they develop a love of books as well as simply learning to read.

We start by teaching phonics to the children in the Reception class using the Read, Write, Inc programme. Children continue with the programme until they are accurate and fluent readers and ready to exit the programme.

Children learn how to ‘read’ the sounds in words and how those sounds can be written down.
This is essential for reading, but it also helps children learn to spell well. We teach the children simple ways of remembering these sounds and letters.

The children also practise reading (and spelling) what we call ‘tricky words’, which are words the children can’t ‘sound-out’, such as ‘once,’ ‘have,’ ‘said’ and ‘where’.

The children practise their reading with books that match the phonics and the ‘tricky words’ they know. They believe in themselves as successful readers and this does wonders for their confidence. To provide children with a breadth of reading materials, they will also read books matched to their ability from a banded range of reading schemes. All children are encouraged to read for pleasure from class libraries and curriculum-based topic books.

Children in KS2 have a daily Guided Reading session which focuses on developing comprehension skills and reading for pleasure.  For those children that need some extra support to become fluent readers, they will receive 1:1 sessions using Read, Write, Inc strategies.

The teachers read to the children too, so the children get to know all sorts of stories, poetry and information books. They learn many more words this way and it also helps them with their writing.

Once children exit the Read, Write, Inc programme, spelling is taught as a separate session using the Read, Write, Inc Spelling Programme. 


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