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Art & Design

How Art and Design is taught at Arnot St Mary

At Arnot St Mary, we are passionate about developing our children’s creativity through developing a love of art and design, whilst also appreciating its value in the context of personal wellbeing, artistic expression and problem solving.

Children are discretely taught the formal elements of art (line, shape, tone, texture, pattern and colour) progressively.

We introduce children to a broad range of inspiring arts and craftspeople, techniques and skills, through engaging video clips, which help capture interest and imagination. 

Our approach supports children’s personal development in creativity, independence and self-reflection, whilst also encouraging them to talk with enthusiasm and confidence about their work and that of others.

Enrichment in Art

We offer opportunities for children to visit local art galleries, participate in projects in collaboration with local secondary schools, provide opportunities to take part in local and national competitions and contribute to a variety of exhibition formats.

We also aim to provide children with real-life experiences of local artists and craftspeople.


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