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Who's Who


Mrs F. Roper
Chair of Governors Mr L Eaglestone
Vice-Chair of Governors Mr S Fitzsimmons

Senior Leadership Team

  • Headteacher - Mrs F. Roper
  • Deputy Headteacher - Mr D. Paton
  • Assistant Headteacher & EYFS Leader - Mrs S. Rugen
  • Assistant Headteacher & Inclusion Manager - Mr S. Fitzsimmons

Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Early Years Foundation Stage


  • Mrs S Rugen, Mrs W Wagner, Mrs S Nelson, Miss S Peers & Miss L Morris


  • RJH - Mrs J Howard & Miss L Dutton
  • RKL - Mrs K Limb & Mrs S Williams

Key Stage 1

Year 1

  • 1JD - Miss J Dawson & Mrs S Nieman-Smith
  • 1DBM - Mrs D Buffel-Morland & Miss H Carter

Year 2

  • 2ES - Mrs J Sheeran & Ms C Maddox
  • 2AL - Mr A Leadbetter & Mrs C Hughes
  • Miss L Thompson

Key Stage 2

Year 3

  • 3NB - Mrs N Barnett & Mrs J Francis
  • 3LS  - Mrs L Sharps & Mr J Newall

Year 4

  • 4GM - Mrs G Monteiro & Mrs J Hobson
  • 4HMC - Mrs H McCann, Mrs T Lea

Year 5

  • 5BH - Miss B Haugh & Mrs A Newall
  • 5CT - Mrs K Snowsill, Mrs A Boulger & Mrs D Foster

Year 6

  • 6JS - Miss K Harris 
  • 6CL - Miss C Leech & Mrs C Rankin
  • Mr T Robinson

Specialist Teachers

  • Sports Coach - Mr L Christou
  • Spanish Teacher - Miss Y Grant

Inclusion Team

  • Inclusion Manager - Mr S Fitzsimmons
  • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator - Mrs G Court
  • Family Liaison Officer - Mrs L Walls
  • Nurture - Mrs C Clowes

Office Staff

  • School Bursar - Mrs D. Cavanagh
  • Administration Officer - Mrs R. Kendrick
  • Administration Officer - Mrs W Woods 

Educational Support Assistant

  • Mrs D. Foster

Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs D. Foster
  • Ms J. Hallam
  • Mrs G. McCardle
  • Mrs C. Quinn
  • Mrs C. Hughes
  • Mrs L. Roberts
  • Mrs A. Sephton-Duckworth
  • Mrs P. Smith

Site Staff

  • Mrs J. Ellis
  • Mr R. Cavanagh


  • Mrs A. Jarvis
  • Mrs K. Lloyd
  • Mrs C. Luckie
  • Miss J. McManus
  • Mrs P. Richmond
  • Mrs L. Roberts
  • Mrs D. Stinchcomb


@ArnotStMary Retweeted
- Jan 27
In our Science lessons this week, we have been finding out all about reflective surfaces. We’ve investigated which materials are best at reflecting light and discovered that you can bend light using a mirror. What an illuminating lesson! 🔦 💡
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
- Jan 26
Sunshine room had lots of fun investigating with ice paints! 🎨🧊
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
- Jan 24
We are poets! We were inspired by the wonderful words of Maya Angelou and created our own poems. The theme, ‘Still I Rise’, links beautifully to our Christian Value of Courage. Read on and be inspired too…!
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
- Jan 20
We have been using our base ten to add 10 to a number.
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
- Jan 20
Today we have been looking animals that would make good pets and why. We then labelled some of our pets that are mammals. 🐩 🐈 🐇
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
- Jan 18
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
- Jan 18
We are thinking about our Christian Value this half term - Courage. We already have plenty of ideas of our own and stories from the Bible will help us to reflect on them even further.
@ArnotStMary - Jan 18
We are communicating with each other using string telephones as if we are the boy and the alien in the story we are writing. What questions would the boy ask the alien? What would the alien ask the boy? What were their replies? ⁦⁦
@ArnotStMary - Jan 15
Have you tried yet? Here's Mrs Sheeran's try today. Can you guess the word in less than four goes and beat me? I think you might like this! Wordle 210 4/6 ⬜🟩⬜🟨⬜ 🟨🟩🟨⬜⬜ ⬜🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
- Jan 15
5BH are having a blast with their science lesson today!We are carrying out a fair test to investigate the length of time it takes to dissolve a sugar stack using different materials!#SCIENTIST
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
@asm2's Room
- Jan 15
We have had a busy week in the 2's room! Music and movement on Tuesday with lots of fun and laughter 🤗❤️
@ArnotStMary - Jan 4
We are looking forward to welcoming all our children back to school tomorrow. Sleep well!
@ArnotStMary - Jan 1
@ArnotStMary - Dec 23
Wishing all our Arnot St Mary families and friends a very happy Christmas. See you all in 2022! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
- Dec 21
Story time for all ages - books read by the authors or illustrators for you to enjoy over the Christmas holiday.❤📚
@ArnotStMary - Dec 21
This looks fabulous and perfect to snuggle up and watch together over the Christmas holidays!🌟🎄🎭
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
- Dec 17
Year 4 enjoying Now Press Play...
@ArnotStMary Retweeted
@asm2's Room
- Dec 17
Christmas fun again today 🤗🌲 We have been printing and gluing and sticking our Christmas stockings 🎁😊
@ArnotStMary - Dec 17
Christmas garden looking very twinkly this morning 🌟⛄️🎄
@ArnotStMary - Dec 16
Christingle this morning with and
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